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Talking To Spirit  
Lady Skye Fyre's Channeled Psychic Readings

Monthly Psychic Newsletter

August and September, 2009

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Channeling From Seth

In truth it is much easier than the majority of people think to be solidly in touch with Spirit. It does, however, in the beginning, require that you suspend judgment and that you relax your so very stringently held views of just how the universe ought to work We do not ask that you prepare to throw away everything that you believe in, just give it a rest for the duration of this attempt to reach Spirit. Spirit whispers. Spirit is subtle. Spirit is quiet. Likely when you make your connection to Spirit you will not, though it could happen, but generally it will be tippy toeing into Spirit Consciousness and not a hearty, “Well, welcome back stranger. It has been a few lifetimes since we have been able to talk. How is your Aunt Marge? Uncle Eddy is fine. He is still playing poker much of the time. It is what pleases him.”

Likely Spirit Consciousness will be more along the lines of a deep breath and tingles that run down your arms. A quiet voice, so quiet you think you imagine it of someone saying, “Relax.” Then, more than likely you think you made it up and it was certainly not the voice of Spirit because who are you but just an ordinary person. Why ever in the world would Spirit speak to you?

Sprit speaks every day to you. To you, and to you, and to you whether or not you are trying to hear or even willing to listen.

Faith. Pretend. Expect it to get easier. Do not try to force anything. Let go of your expectations. Your prayers are always heard.

Psychic Guy vs Non Psychic Guy

Same day. Same happenings. Same person except in one version the person is psychically aware and in the other that person is not. Morning. Psychic Guy awakens and begins talking with guides. Decides to send out psychic awareness and request for healing to co-workers and relatives who are struggling with health and other issues. Non Psychic Guy farts. Farts again just for the hell of it and begins waving covers about. Psychic guy farts and says, “Excuse me.” to myriad guides who might be in range.

Non Psychic Guy decides to roll over and go back to sleep. He awakes in a panic late for work and off on the wrong foot for the day. Psychic Guy rolls over, goes back to sleep and is awakened 15 minutes later by guides who tell him it is time to get out of bed. He is not late to work and also gets to eat breakfast

At work Psychic Guy gets a phone call. Guides indicate he should remain calm. Psychic Guy ends up telling salesperson that the company is not interested. Non Psychic Guy is unprepared for salesperson, ends up getting angry and tells salesperson not to call again.

After work at grocery store. Guides tell Psychic Guy to drop apple in hand. Psychic guy chooses another. Non Psychic Guy buys rotten apple.

Driving Home. Non Psychic Guy is cut off by 2 people, tail gated by 3 more, curses frequently and by the time he is home he is worn out. Psychic Guy runs into the same lousy drivers and calls them assholes. Guides chip in with helpful comment to say, “Everybody has one.” Psychic Guy realizes he is being a jerk and ends up laughing at himself.

It just takes the edge off.

Awakening Your Psychic Senses

One of the easiest things you can do to awaken your psychic senses is to hang around psychic people. It’s sort of contagious. However, I realize that it is sometimes difficult to seek out a psychic person. Plus, how can you really tell they are genuinely psychic or if they are faking it? What if you hung out with a fake? Well, if you hung out with a fake psychic intending to awaken your own psychic senses it might happen anyway. The intent behind the exercise is to awaken your psychic powers. Maybe the fake psychic isn’t really all that fake in the first place. I tend to believe that everybody is psychic anyway, some recognize it, some don’t.

It’s like learning how to dance. You want to dance. Okay, how do you do this? You go watch somebody who can dance make their moves. You want to type. You go get a demonstration. You want to braid your hair, but don’t know how. Get your sister to teach you. She shows you how to do it.

So, if you can’t come up with a psychic in the flesh and blood who is willing to hang out with you the next best thing is to read about psychics. This will involve some work on your part. You can read about real ones or made up ones. It doesn’t matter. I read a lot of Stephen King. That was a good awakening. Read John Edwards. Read Sylvia Browne. Read Findhorn. Read Jane Roberts. Read JZ Knight. Read Messages from Michael. Begin to discern the difference between titillating spooky stuff and the ordinariness of the other side. It doesn’t help to be scared. If you are best not do this.

Best advice I can give to you is that no matter what happens you still want to awaken your psychic self. Do the psychic thing and defer to that really great universal law that says when you are ready the teacher will appear. Do not give up hope. Something is going to click for you eventually.

It will not make you wealthy. It is not going to vaporize your enemies. It will help you to mature and maybe, just maybe you can end up helping somebody.

Thanks for visiting!

Lady Skye Fyre -- Pauline

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Millie on the Roof

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