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Loving Animals Can Help
You Love People Too

Psychic Information Channeled by Spirit Guides

This article starts with channeled information from my Guides and a word from me at the end. I hope you enjoy it.

Love, however you want to define it - forever or a passing infatuation, is still love. It can run deep as the bottom of the ocean to span the centuries and extend into many more lifetimes as the eternal and enduring attraction to your soul mate or to interaction among members of your soul families, but it is still love between the species. What then, when you think of love for your animals?

What if the saying, "Love makes the world go round" was more true than you think? What if it were so true that everything that occurred, everything that transpired had at some point endeavored to teach about love? We admit that trying to see where love was involved in instances of terror or natural disasters is a stretch, but it is there. And, that is a point for another discussion. The one at hand, though, having to do with animals and with your pets, in particular, points out that lessons of love are there.

Are these beings not important in your life, sometimes more so than the humans around you? With the humans, sometimes, it is difficult to know when the love you express toward them is returned in any discernable measure. With an animal it would appear they are always glad to see you, dogs especially, but cats too, will express their delight that you are home from work or from school. Or interest, in any case. Your animals depend upon you for their food, for their home to be kept safe, for there to be a level of companionship and a commitment for their care. These are not wild animals anymore; these are your domesticated companions. It is unconditional love and attention that you receive from your pets and although they cannot communicate with you as a human being they do let you know when their needs are not being met.

Animals can teach all sorts of "good" qualities. As an example, let us say that you are afraid of taking the plunge. You are afraid of going out on that limb to say to another person, "You intrigue me. I wish to spend more time in your company." Afraid to even take that first step toward companionship with another person, with a dog all you have to do is get out the plastic poopy bag and reach for their leash and you know in a heartbeat that going on a walk will appear to be the most incredible thing to have happened in that dog's life in the last hour. What more can you say? It is gratifying to know that even the simplest thing you do might result in such delight for another being.

What an animal cannot give you are the deeper levels of companionship you would get from a person. What they can give you is the feeling that there is another being that depends upon you, who is interested in you and who likes to be with you.

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