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Cat Stories

A Closer Look at My Cats - Page 4

I'd like to mention that at one time my husband and I had 12 cats in our family. It's pretty incredible how it happened, but I believe the cats just knew to come to our house. They would show up in need of a home starving, sick, torn and bleeding. And, that was that. I have learned so much about love from these animals.

Oscar was a raggedy white tom cat when he came to live with us. He brought Gertie when he determined it was going to be a good place to live. Molly came from the vets and Mimi from a cat adoption day at a pet store. Mitzie who became Molly's best friend. Millie and Tipsy who looked so much alike I wondered if they weren't related. Silver Sissy would never let me touch her, but loved it when Dennis sat on the top step to pet her and talk to her quietly about things. Captain Jack, a feral cat, who came to us so we could take care of him while he weathered his final illness. George who also spent his last days with us.

I remember the day Mama Cat came to us. She marched up to the patio out of nowhere and demanded a piece of the pizza I was eating. The neighborhood boys came to get me a few days later to say Mama Cat had a baby and I should come right away and look at her. That was our second Samantha. I was like the Pied Piper leading a train of kids and cat back across the road to our house as I walked with the tiny Samantha in my hands.

We have five cats who are with us now. Fluffy Drawers who bonded with our second Samantha. Because I didn't get Mama Cat spayed fast enough we have Mattie, Samantha's sister. Mattie and Shelby, our youngest, are the best of friends. Mama Cat and Dennis found Shelby and brought her home one day. Sheba, the latest addition to our family, divides her time between living with our neighbor Phil and with us. She's got beds on both of our patios and we bring her into the house on stormy nights.

Some of our cats grew to be quite elderly; Molly, Mitzie and our first Samantha were upwards of18 years old when they passed on. Each one came back to our bedroom when it was their time and woke us up so that we could be with them when they passed on.

It is heart wrenching when our cats pass on, but I try to remember the love they had for us and the love we had for them. I take comfort from the idea that where they go next they will have good lives again, to be with other animals in Spirit, to be with other humans in Spirit too when they want to be. They will occasionally visit me in my dreams. Often they will also be there for me to channel.

My advice for anyone who is missing a pet who has passed on is to hold in your heart for a moment the idea that they can hear you as you think of them and if you hear a tiny voice in the back of your head that speaks to you in your own tongue that might say, "I love you too" be assured that it was your pet.

As a psychic I channel them, the ones who've passed on already. I remember after Mama Cat died she explained to me why Samantha was spending so much more time outside. When Mama Cat was alive she had been the boss; the top cat and she was our protector. Nothing got by her. She knew who went by the house and what they were doing. When she passed on Sam took over her duties and Samantha is now our protector.

Most of those cats are gone now. I remember them with love and am honored when they come to visit me in my dreams.

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