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Spiritual Growth

How You Can Take a More Active Role

Many of us grow up exposed to the beliefs of our parents and that is as it should be because they are our first teachers. My feeling is that as a person grows to maturity they can begin a process of exploration.

There are many choices a person can consciously make as they walk a spiritual path. Some are less effective than others, but that too, is a personal choice. I think it is all tied up with how psychologically and emotionally healthy you are. I don't feel that I am qualified to say to a person that they could have made a better choice, but what I would urge is an open mind.

I would also say that there isn't one way to manage your own spiritual growth. There are many valid paths.

In these pages I hope to illustrate some aspects of spiritual growth that might be of use to you.

A spiritual journey can and I think should be unique to everyone. In these pages I hope some of your questions might be answered. In this section you can look at a year's worth of channeling in the Archived Readings section. I've been writing several blogs. You can find helpful tips about learning how to channel and another I call The Spirit Moved Me and Look What Happened looks into what life on a day to day basis as a psychic is really like.

The Guides have helpful things to say about grief. We've got a section on Guided Meditations and some more where the Guides talk about Inspiration and Faith and Love. Have a look at our page on meditation to see if something there might help you with your own practice. There's a section about prayers that encourages you to voice your own. See what it feels like to take a Shamanic Journey and see what answers you might find.

  • A Year of Channeled Readings
  • Blog - Learn How to Channel
  • Blog - The Spirit Moved Me
        and Look What Happened

  • Grief
  • Guided Mediations
  • Inspiration and Faith
  • Love
  • Meditation - Some Tips
  • Prayers
  • Shamanic Journey

  • Sheba Sitting on Phil's Porch