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Talking To Spirit - Picture Board

You can use this Psychic Picture Board as a tool to begin to channel. It took a long time for me, but perhaps you will learn faster.

The board includes pictures. It just seemed easier.

Click on the board to print it. Ask that you speak to your Spirit Guide...nobody else. When you're good at it you can talk to your Aunt Martha, but in the beginning talk to your Spirit Guide. Use something simple like a ring or a pretty stone as your planchette.

Do not use this for important decisions. This is a tool to connect to Spirit. In the beginning the information you get might be sketchy or unbelievable. This is when you once again ask to speak to your Spirit Guide. With practice it gets easier.

Things like lottery numbers, when you will meet your true love, when are you going to die? These are your life lessons. The guides will not interfere with them. They are too important for your development as a spiritual being.

This all tongue in cheek. With your solid commitment, with the time and energy you invest in the relationship and all that you will learn I'm sure you'll be satisfied.

Talking To Spirit  

Learn How To Be A Psychic Channel

This is ONLY for Adults.
Children and teenagers speak to your parents for permission.

Channeled Information is in BOLD after the Lists
The Benefits

  • You'll never be lonely again in your lifetime.
  • You will never "get away" with anything again. No slipshod work ever again. Nothing underhanded ever again. No more gossip. You will become known as Miss or Mr. Goodie Two Shoes.
  • You're going to have the benefit of getting a second opinion anytime you ask (and sometimes when you don't ask) for those things you are working on, even as mundane as which end of the house to start cleaning first.
  • You'll be able to talk to Folk in Spirit who include personalities, writers, dignitaries, scientists, movie stars, singers and your relatives, to include those relatives of friends and neighbors who've passed on. Include animals in this group, too.
  • You'll be dallying with table tipping, and meditating (a very good thing), with lucid dreaming, and with shamanic journeys. You'll discover all sorts of interesting ways to explore these inner realms.
  • The Guides will amuse you with quips as you make your way through your regular everyday life.
  • You'll find a peace that is hard to come by.
  • You'll probably have a closer connection to God than you had before.
  • Being a Psychic is not going to solve all of your problems. What it will do is force you to develop a little more maturity and allow you to go about the business of solving your own problems in a really creative fashion.

The Pitfalls
  • You will have no privacy. None.
  • You're going to be opening yourself up to some pretty fantastic experiences. Some of them you might not be able to understand or even control. You might feel out of control and frightened for a period of time.
  • Are you superstitious? Because if you are, right away I can tell you that you'll probably have some major difficulties to overcome.
  • Are you very set in your beliefs? Do you believe there is evil afoot and good aplenty for those who work hard and deserve it? Because if you do you're also in for a rocky road.
  • You're going to be faced with a great deal of emotional and psychological growth. Period. No way around this. Be prepared. How? Just be willing to take yourself off to a therapist if need be. This stuff is really potent.
  • Are you already under a psychiatrist's care? Then, don't do this. Turn away and pay somebody $50 for a reading. Do not follow this road.
  • Your family might get really concerned about what you are doing. It might take years for them to accept what you have done.
  • Once you make a connection to Spirit in this manner, there is no turning back. There is no turning it off. It is a commitment for the rest of your life.
  • It is not the job of Folk in Spirit to answer all of your questions, to keep you safe from harm or illness or make you wealthy. If you're looking for the fast track to an easy life, this isn't it.

(Psychic Channeled Information Follows)

It might, in fact, turn out to be relatively easy for you to make the connection to Spirit via use of a Ouija Board or through automatic writing, but you will probably not be well prepared to understand the processes that take place. In order for a person to appreciate the information that comes through the channel between the realms it is necessary that you be able to handle the voltage, so to speak. If you are in any way startled, alarmed, frightened or ill prepared in that you have not yet learned to calm your mind and heart with meditation, you will probably be on the roller coaster ride of your life and a ticket to Six Flags would have been a hell of a lot easier for you.

Our advice would be to have at hand a person or book to guide you through the stages you will progress through on your way to becoming a channel of Spirit. Recommended would be, "Opening to Channel" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, the same book this channel used. However, this channel did not read the entire book and so, in a sense, did not complete the coursework as advised. She did what many of you will do and that is to take whatever advice comes her way as she sees fit at that moment in time to accept and go forward.

A note for you about the responsibilities of Spirit Guides towards those who would learn to channel: we do not keep you from your tremendously embarrassing moments. We will not prevent you from taking a false step, as it were. We do not see, from our vantage point, a difference between good or bad. It is all one. And, we work with what we got. Meaning, if you are a brush with a few bristles missing, who are we to complain?

You will come across many different kinds of people who channel. Interestingly enough, if two people were to channel the same entity that entity would, likely, sound different coming from both of them. From one person the entity would be very matter of fact, giving few options for deviation from a proscribed course of study. The other person might come forth with a playful conversation involving much experimentation. Same entity. Different channels. This happens even when the channels are experienced and has much to do with the kind of person the channel is.

There is information, too, that you would ask of us that is just not appropriate for you to know at this point in time. We will, more than likely, give you an answer, but it is your learning to see that the answer was not what the reality turned out to be. Once you learn to channel we will not live your lives for you. If you ask for advice we are generally there to say something, but to give you the answer? This is school and we don't cheat.

Additionally, it is very much like reconciling your own checkbook compared to reconciling someone else's checkbook. When you reconcile your own checkbook your heart will beat with alarm and trepidation as you discover mistakes in your accounting leading toward the end result of having to deduct $200 due to missing information and being unable to place the blame on anyone else. However, if you were to reconcile someone else's checkbook and the same mistakes were evident you, not being personally involved and it not being your money we're talking about, you would have an easier time of it. This is why dentists don't work on their own teeth, unless of course, they wear dentures. In any case, you do get the point here? If you have a personal interest in the information coming forth you will, more than likely, want for it so badly to be good news that you will force the issue. Many psychics and channels will tell you that they cannot read for themselves. The reason is because they have discovered that either the information given either proves false over time or is just not available.

Our advice for you is that in learning how to channel the necessity of you reading for yourself is there. This is how the connection is strengthened between you and Spirit. But, also do not always take the information to heart. Do not pin all your hopes on what you hear. This in a sense is us asking you to dance, but not to enjoy yourself just yet. The alternative would be for you to immediately go out and read for other people, which is not a good idea for people who are in their first year of learning how to channel.

It takes at least a year for you to smooth out the rough edges, so to speak, in your channeling. It takes much longer than that for the information to begin to be of use to yourself and others. So, don't quit your day job just yet to hang out your shingle as a psychic reader.

You might be envious of those channels and mediums who can say they have had the Gift all their lives, who from the earliest age of five were sharing information with family members. And, who, more importantly from your own point of view as an adult learning how to channel, had the opportunity of all those years to get accustomed to the process. So, that, now, as adults they are very important personages, famous for their predictions and accurate in the information they relay. The lesson here, though, is about you being envious.

Those people who had the Gift from an early age did not necessarily always have the support and nurturing of said Gift from their family. Their lessons through childhood and their teenage years were different than your own. You, as an adult, are making a conscious effort to go after said Gift and have this for your own. You will succeed to one degree or another, for not all psychics and channels are equal, but you will have the advantage of being an adult and be able to conduct yourself as an adult. The trade off is that you not be so anxious for time to pass and allow the 10 years or more that it might take for you to evolve into Primo Psychic or Channel.

Excuse me, please. This is Pauline back in again with some thoughts about the Talking To Spirit Psychic Picture Board. It's interesting that people would think the only place you could use a Ouija board is on your own table at home, but I considered the invisible hand that moves the planchette on the board is the same hand that would move your hand as it rests on the mouse. Takes a bit more energy for one person to do it, and it might not work right away...but, it can be done, as, I can attest. It took me 6 months of tough determined work to finally get it just right so that Seth would finally come through to talk to me on the board.

I can't tell you what the difference was for me between being able to work the Ouija Board by myself and not being able to work it. I felt pretty much the same before and after. I did, though, keep trying. And, I can tell you the minute before it actually worked for the first time I had two thoughts. The first one was I thought I had to stop wasting time; that I was being silly and I should get back to my writing. And, the second thought I had on the heels of the first one about wasting time was that I needed to be as innocent as I was as a little girl. To hedge my bets, though, I left my non-dominant hand, my left hand, on the planchette and typed with my right hand. Slow typing, but I was writing again. Not two minutes later my left hand skidded quickly across the board. Talk about somebody being surprised. I had tried and tried for 6 months and the minute I don't try it works? What can I say? I have learned since this is similar to the laws of want, you yearn, you think about, you obsess and then, you let it all go.

Here is my blog - - Enjoy

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Talking To Spirit - Picture Board

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