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My Spiritual Journey

An Interesting Look

In awakening my psychic abilities I also inadvertently opened to my own spiritual growth. I had no idea that was going to happen, but it did. I have a feeling that it can happen to others in a similar manner.

I have found over time that people enjoy reading of my own spiritual journey and in many cases those experiences mirror their own giving them the assurance that what they are experiencing isn't so odd after all.

When I opened to my own psychic nature and began to channel I was forced to look at myself closely. Observation and attentiveness is almost a requirement to the process of spiritual growth and it was during this time that I began to notice where I had some sore spots in my psyche. In looking at those wounds I eventually found a way to heal them too.

I have included a humorous story from when I was first learning how to meditate. This also involved practicing visualizing which I was also not very good at. Completely by accident I set my Guide's nose on fire. I have added this story so that people can lighten up a little bit with their own spiritual journeys.

However, I am no different than anybody else and present this in an informal blog I call Where The Psychic Vents. As I describe it I report the stuff that fries my grits. Even psychics can have a difficult day.

I am asked to help people with problems all the time. As a sensible psychic many times my answers are more common sense than magical. Having a day job also limits the time I am able to spend answering questions, but I have compiled a small collection of the more interesting questions that I've been asked. I am thankful to the guides for helping me with them whether I am doing the answering or have handed the reins over to them for a channeled response. And, as always the identities of the folks asking the questions have been masked so as to not cause distress or embarrassment.

I am asked often to find things for people. Anxious to help, most of the time I end up not getting a good feel on where the missing object is. However, I did get some help once for myself from my guide Seth. See how he guided me to my missing slippers. Perhaps, as time passes, I might get better at it.

I never would have thought, but getting help from the Guides with things I am cooking is terrific fun. I especially like to test my channeling by asking them to channel complete recipes. Most of the time these have been collaborative efforts, but every once in awhile I hold my breath and allow the channeling to happen without me being a buttinsky. Check out the recipes we've got here at Talking to Spirit and also my blog Spirited Recipes.

Many times I refer to myself as the world's worst student. I think this also made me a better teacher.

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