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Talking To Spirit  
Lady Skye Fyre's Channeled Psychic Readings

Inspiration and Faith

Information Channeled by Spirit Guides

Seek inspiration the way a plant requires sunlight, water and nourishment from the soil, as if you have absolutely no choice in the matter. Be open to special messages that might come to you from seemingly odd and even perhaps discordant sources. In your mind you might think what "should" be inspiring would perhaps come to you from someone who is purportedly spiritually motivated and evolving. When, in actuality, if you are open minded and ready to receive a message that message might come to you from any direction; even from the radio blaring while you wait to pick up your dry cleaning or from a particularly inept fellow driver on your way to work.

A person who "stands" for something you do not believe, at present, may still have something of importance to impart to you. Was it always the case that you loved every single one of your teachers? Of course not. Yet, every single one of those teachers passed on something of importance to you. Just be open and what you need to learn, your next step will come to you. It is one of the laws of the universe.

Another one of the laws of the universe is that all is one. It might appear to you that you are certainly nothing like your cubical mate and are many times thankful during the course of the day that you are not related to him by blood or marriage, but we assure you: The universe is one. It doesn't mean you are all alike, it means you are a part of the whole. Think of yourself as a part of a stew. You, Dear. Yes, you might consider yourself, for the moment to be a turnip. And, an editorial comment…our channeler is not pleased at our selection of vegetable, but that aside, this is our story and not hers. So, you as the noble turnip stand by yourself and cast a certain scent, a particular flavor. But, in combination with other vegetables and with a savory stew meat might be a part of a symphony in the making to lay upon your table. So, too, can you take from the world around you all that will make you better. That will allow you to move forward with your life with integrity, with purpose and with zeal.

Ideas, things to consider, people to meet; these are all elements of a life worth living.

Now, what about the times you might change your mind. About what? About anything. You've heard the old advice that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. We wouldn't say it is impossible, but it can sometimes be a challenge. Children, young people will often despair that their parents and the adults in their lives are stogy and rigid in their beliefs. That is a perception, but can sometimes become the prevailing thought. Perhaps, we might say that with maturity of years comes a maturity of thought in the sense that this individual will have found something worthwhile in their estimation to base their life upon. They are stable individuals and as such have a foundation of belief to have as a bedrock upon which to base their lifework.

Now, if we might take as an example our own channel. She has had, as a constant in her life a trait of curiosity. Coupled with that is a deep yearning to live a spiritual life. In her family and circle of acquaintances were people who believed with fervency those traits did not become her and did not in her early years entirely support this perceived move away from accustomed and acceptable beliefs. So, she chaffed, but endured to a time when, as an adult, she could make progress toward what she deemed to be important. And, as an adult she is thankful her parents insisted that she learn the ways of their faith.

What she wanted is what many people want and that was peace in her heart. Simple to want that, hard, sometimes to realize. Coming from a Christian background our channel has many times heard the message that if she were to take into her belief the idea that she has accepted Jesus and God into her life that she might be saved. We are not about to say this is not true, for it is true and many have been saved. But, she felt in her heart there were too many people in the world who, not belonging to this particular belief, could not be condemned and so she split early in her teens from the church of her girlhood. And, yet, she still clings to this church, though there are not many in it who would embrace her easily. She makes her own way. Sometimes it is lonely for her. But, she presses on. And, in her pursuit of a spiritual life she would allow us voice, to encourage, to offer assistance for those who seek the peace of God.

We would insert an editorial note from on high, as it were. In the following discourse you will notice there are portions of text in blue. These are the responses dragged out of our channel. Sometimes we are able to catch her unawares and she willingly enters into the play of the moment. Later on she might ask that her portion of the conversation be struck from the record, but in this instance we asked that it remain. In a sense, her part in the dialogue allows the story to move forward and for those of you who wonder what it is like for a channel to interact with her guides, this is an inside look.

The idea of faith is important. What is faith? It is an active believing in something. In this particular conversation we would refer to faith in God. So, you believe God is real. Okay. I'll buy that. What about it? Well, God is real and I can talk to him. Fine. I'm sure he is interested. Or her. We, too, can be politically correct. What exactly do you want to talk to God about? Well, could you tell him something for me? Who me? Yes. You're the Spirit guy. Ah, I'm as much a Spirit guy as you are. I don't understand. You're invisible. What does that have to do with anything? You can talk to God yourself. Well, how am I going to know he heard me? That's where faith comes into play. That's one of the rules. God heard. Well, I've prayed before and he didn't answer my prayers. What exactly were you praying about? I wanted some help on some exams I was taking. It was pretty stressful and finals were coming up and it was hard. So, I asked for help. And, what happened? I flunked. Everything? No, but enough that I didn't feel I could continue and I dropped out of school. So, you think God didn't hear you? Well, I flunked didn't I?

There are two things going on here. The idea that flunking out of school was the end of your learning. That, certainly, was not true for you have continued to learn in and out of school every day of your life. The other thing is the idea that asking God for a favor is different than asking for some help in fortitude in handling a situation. Perhaps, God did answer your prayers and you made your way in as calm a way as possible through a difficult situation to emerge on the other side ready to continue your life in a new direction. Maybe, for you, at that point in time it would not have been beneficial for you to continue in school.

So, in praying, move on the idea of faith that God did hear you. Now, do you feel so undeserving that you must act as the supplicant always in your prayers? You might consider the idea that in prayer you can instead just go hang out with God. Go to a peace filled place and be with God and Holy Spirit. Do this every day. Work your way into it gradually. Start with 5 minutes at a time, once during the course of the day. After a week increase this time to 7 minutes at a time. Just hang out with God. That's all. It's actually called meditating, but you can call it praying too. Work your way very gradually to 10 minutes a day. Keep going. Next week, make it 12 minutes each time. Set a timer if you think you're going to stay too long at it. Thinking more is better do not sit down to meditate for 2 hours. You will uncover open wounds in your psyche you will not know how to deal with and propel yourself quickly into a therapist's office. If that be your path that is where you will end up. But, our advice is to begin gradually and build up to about 20 minutes of meditating and/or praying. Then, once you're reached 20 minutes, split the time in two and continue to meditate at your usual time, but add another time to meditate at the other end of the day. Again, continue increasing a couple of minutes each week until you're built it up to two 20 minute sessions each day. That's the ticket. Do not exceed a combined total of 40 minutes a day for your meditative endeavors.

Now, should you sit, stand, lie down, kneel? This is your choice. Try them all until you get a position that is comfortable for you. The intention of the meditation? Hang out with God. Seek peace. Seek understanding. Solve your latest problem. Whatever. There can be a purpose and that purpose can be chosen by you. Well, you ask, what's right? Ah, whatever you want. I want to progress as quickly as possible. Where? Why? Well, I want to become spiritually evolved. You are already. Everybody is. No, I wasn't before, but now I am. Fine. Well, am I doing it right? Yes. Why do I get the feeling that you'd say that to me whatever I said. Ah, Chela, you sense that do you? Yes. Are you jerking me around? Yes. It's a technique we use. Don't worry about it. Just meditate every day. You'll be fine with it.

And, our blessings to you who read this.

Thanks for visiting!

Lady Skye Fyre -- Pauline

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