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Talking To Spirit  
Lady Skye Fyre's Channeled Psychic Readings

Guided Meditations

You can do these meditations lying down or sitting in a chair. Bear in mind that you will likely take a power nap if you opt for a prone position, but both positions are useful. Loosen any clothing that is tight. Take your watch and eyeglasses off. If you prefer you might even read these meditations and tape them in your own voice.

This first meditation is less than ten minutes long. It is intended to help you move easily into a relaxed place where you can remain peacefully for a short time. Practice this meditation a few times before you move on to the others. This is just to get you used to the idea of being still and relaxed.

The purpose of this meditation is to prepare you for subsequent guided meditations. This is an all-purpose sort of meditation designed to take you just below the surface of your normal conscious alert state of mind. It is not so deep that you would be unable to respond if something or someone requires your attention.

Close your eyes. Around you swirls the "outside" world. People need signatures. Clients need reassurance. Bosses need results. Chores need doing. They will all be there when you resurface, but these few moments your own.

With your eyes closed take a series of deep breaths. They need not be the kind you would take if you were going to dive into a pool, just a deeper than normal breath. As you breathe in feel the air cool against the lining of your nose, be aware of your lungs as they expand and your belly and chest as they rise a little bit. Hold your next breath to the count of four and then slowly exhale to the count of four. Do this for a few more breaths. Inhale. Hold the breath to the count of four and exhale. Inhale slowly. Hold the breath to the count of four and exhale. With each breath you are relaxing more and more. Inhale slowly. Hold the breath to the count of four and exhale. Inhale slowly. Hold the breath to the count of four and exhale.

Now, shift awareness to your feet. Wiggle your toes. Just a little bit. Relax. Tighten the muscles in the calves of your legs. Just once or twice. Relax them. Shift awareness to your thighs. Tighten the muscles there slightly and then relax them. Clench your buttocks and release them. Relax. Bring awareness to your belly. Suck it in and release it. Relax. Tighten the muscles of your back and then relax. Breathe in deeply, slowly and hold the breath for a few seconds. Release the breath slowly and easily. Tense the muscles in your shoulders and release. Stretch your neck, tightening the muscles, release and relax. Squeeze the muscles of your face. Purse your lips and then relax those muscles. Breathe deeply. Your body is relaxed.

In your mind's eye, picture a small stone. Picture a smooth, round stone, grey in color, cool to the touch. Hold this stone in the palm of your hand and look at it in your mind's eye. Close your fingers around the stone and hold it in your hand. If the picture of the stone fades from your mind's eye, take a slow and calming breath and picture it again lying in the palm of your hand. Remind yourself of how it feels, smooth and cool to the touch. See it lying in your hand.

Now, put the stone in your pocket and imagine yourself as you stand at the top of a ladder. Your hands safely grip the sides of the ladder. Your feet are secure on the rungs. You know there are 10 steps on this ladder and you are going to be going down the ladder. First foot down and now safe on the rung below. Counting backwards.

Ten. Bring your other foot down to be secure on the ladder. Take a breath. Let it out slowly. Your hands are holding you safely on the ladder. Next step down. Both feet now on the next rung down on the ladder.

Nine. With each step down on the ladder you are relaxing more and more. By degrees, by slow degrees you are becoming more and more relaxed. Step down again.

Eight. Relax and breathe deeply. Let your breath out slowly and step down again.

Seven. Step down again.

Six. Lower your foot easily and step down onto the next rung on the ladder.

Five. Step down again. Slowly, calmly. You are not in a hurry.

Four. When you are ready step down again.

Three. You are safe. Step down again.

Two. Step down again.

One. Step down again and both of your feet are on the ground.

Release your hands from the ladder and stand still for a moment.

Breathe deeply, slowly, calmly. You are very relaxed. You are safe. You are calm.

When you are ready put your hand into your pocket and withdraw the stone. Look at it as it lies in the palm of your hand, smooth, cool to the touch, a round river rock. A beautiful, smooth, round rock.

You are relaxed and you are refreshed. When you are ready open your eyes slowly. You will be alert and refreshed and ready to return to the world.

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Lady Skye Fyre -- Pauline

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