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Talking To Spirit  

Monthly Psychic Newsletter

February, 2010

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Channeling From Seth

It might be presumed that a creative mind might mean a disordered environment. This could also be a significant case of wishful channeling on our channeler’s part. Be that as it may there are many instances of cluttered offices when you peek into the odd professor’s office. We say odd as a double entendre. Odd because not all people who teach and do research are slobs and odd because there most definitely are people who act in an odd manner and yet are able to produce exemplary pieces of work. Nice to be neat, but not entirely necessary to do good work.

Our blessings.

What Talking to Spirit is Like

Channeling is not always a serious business. The guides are teachers and I believe their job with us is primarily concerned with helping people to advance their own spiritual development. That’s a very important thing, but it isn’t always serious business and it isn’t always pointedly spiritual. I suppose you might liken it to having a close relationship with a pastor where you know they will always have spiritual condition and development on their minds, but they also can relax and just hang out with you being a gourmet cook, fishing, sewing or whatever pastors like to do in their free time.

I am the type of channel who has a 24/7 connection going on. You’d think I would be nervous or odd, but I’ve gotten used to it. You certainly don’t ever get lonely; that’s for sure. You also don’t have any privacy, but you also get used to that too. Get a nice working relationship going on with your Guide and with Folk in Spirit and you can still be as private as you wish. I find it comforting because I’ll be in the middle of something difficult and want a quick opinion. I’ll flick off a quick thought to Seth and think, “What do you think?” If I am not too involved in whatever I’m doing the answer will come in complete sentences. If I am decidedly tense and focused on whatever I’m doing I might get a thought bomb…just a complete knowingness that comes through quickly. Sometimes I’ll get a psychic visual. Just a really quick flash of a thumb’s down or a thumb’s up gesture. Also, somebody holding their nose is a definite answer that whatever it is I’m thinking of or doing stinks. It sounds sort of rude, but it’s our system.

What I found to be surprising is that as part of a relationship you are entitled to lay out guidelines and boundaries. It’s all a part of your further development as a human being just applied to a psychic relationship with Spirit. Like, channeling out loud. If I’m really relaxed and alone I will channel aloud. People at my work accuse me of talking to myself and sometimes I wonder if that isn’t me channeling. However, one time I remember I was sitting in my office. It was quiet. My supervisor was in the next room doing her thing and I just totally forgot about being quiet. I was talking to Seth and he was talking back.

Now, channels are all different. Many channel in their natural voices. I do not. Seth sounds very much like a Transylvanian count. I’m not kidding. He’s got a low gravelly voice that rolls R’s and stuff like that. It helped me in the beginning to hear that what he was saying (or other people in Spirit for that matter) was different than my voice. It was comfortable and the method has stuck with me to this day. This particular time, though, my supervisor stopped by my office and asked if there was a man in the building with us. I knew immediately what had happened and made some lame excuse of the window being open and maybe there were people on the sidewalk outside. She looked dubious, but apparently satisfied and went back to her desk. It’s one of those things I call a channeling funny.

Awakening Your Psychic Senses

Think of doing something that is going to allow you to concentrate and focus more. It really doesn’t matter what it is. The idea is to just get you doing it. For instance, a practice of meditation. If you could spend some time each day being quiet, being aware of your own breath and the condition of your body you would make good steps toward being able to recognize your already inherent psychic senses. Don’t spend hours at a time with it. Ten or 15 minutes a day will do to get you more easily into the zone.

Another thing you could do would be to learn to play a musical instrument and get lost doing that. Use your hands to create something, knitting, crochet, cross stitch. One of those things that you love to do that after 45 minutes of doing it you look up thinking 5 minutes has passed. Something to get lost in.

Or, just sit there and start looking around you wherever you are. Sitting in your kitchen, start looking around the room. Really look. Observe how the light glances off your shiny appliances. Not shiny? Oh, you hadn’t noticed how dirty they’d gotten. Don’t worry about it right now; make a mental note to get the cobwebs out of the corners of the room and to do a good cleaning later. But, do you see how you can look at something and not see it?

The idea is to become more observant, to see things you had not noticed much before, to be able to focus your attention, and to eventually be able to enlist and enjoy your psychic senses as a natural and ordinary part of your life.

Thanks for visiting!


Molly and Dennis

Dennis and Molly sharing a bowl of ice cream

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