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Other Things at Talking to Spirit

The Things That Just Don't Fit Anywhere Else

I guess there needs to be a sort of catch all page at any website. These aren't exactly the spiritually or psychically minded pages at the rest of Talking to Spirit, but they are, in their own ways valuable.

Of course, Coming Attractions is self explanatory. These are the things that I'm toying with, things that haven't quite made it to full page status, but that I'm thinking about.

I've also got my own book, "When Spirit Whispers" for sale at as a download or as a paperback you can curl up with. And, I've got a storefront at Amazon where I've collected up all those books I feel have made an impact on my own life and that you might appreciate.

The Resources Pages are really my own stab at bookmarking a bunch of very interesting sites. There are 84 pages right now. You can find stuff on Crystals and Grieving, on Feng Shui and Spiritual Retreats, on Psychic Detectives and Tarot. It's a neat collection that I'm quite pleased with. You might find something of interest there too.

The Games Page is just that, a bunch of games. You can't be psychic all the time, can you?

I know that people are interested in webrings. You can meet a lot of like minded people by checking some of them out.

And, the obligatory Contact Me page. I do read my email. If your concern is a shorter one or you've voiced a serious minded question about learning to channel I generally take the time to answer. If your questions are silly, fanatical or just plain weird you know you won't get an answer.

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