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Cats and Parakeets Talk
to Each Other

Psychic Information Channeled by Spirit Guides - Page 3

In a sense, learning Animal Speak will allow you to experience aspects of your world in a way that had formerly been unavailable to you. It will also enrich your relationships with people. All in all, a commendable effort we would urge you to try.

We will not say to you that after 3 month's of practice you will have attained enough expertise that you should be able to speak to the animals. Dr. Doolittle you will not be. What we will say to you is that each person will have a different experience. There isn't a one of you who stands at the same exact level in their psychic development at this period of time. We do not want to suggest, either, that were a person well developed psychically they could do this more easily than other people. This is very much like an artist, who is accustomed to using paint and brush, who turns their interest to a different artistic medium and begins to sculpt. In a sense, the muscles they have used in creative matters will certainly come into play as they change artistic mediums, but, still, they need to learn the feel of the clay beneath their hands. So, too, even a well developed psychic would need to learn new ways of psychic connection to experience new levels of opening to animal spirit. But, it is certainly possible.

Interestingly, for many people it will happen that your Animal Speak will be in your native tongue. Imagine a dog speaking French. Also, the connection made between human and animal (or fish, or bird, or reptile) can be more visual in nature. Also, be open to impressions that come to you as emotions. It is very similar to how a psychic receives information from a human; it is different for each person. Our channel relates a story often enough about her birds and a small cat. If you would be so kind, Dear, to indulge us?

Okay, Pauline here. It was some years ago. We have a lot of cats in the house. We've also had a pair of parakeets for years. The parakeets' cage is tied up (we learned the hard way), but there is generally one cat among the crowd who is fascinated with the birds. Mimi, who's been gone years now, used to sit right next to the cage. I once walked by to see her sound asleep with her whiskers sticking into the cage. One of the parakeets had come down and was pulling at a whisker while the cat slept. It was something to see. But, the time in question I walked in to see Mimi alert and looking right up into the cage. The birds were squawking like you wouldn't believe, just making a terrible noise. Immediately, I figured they were upset with the cat and that she was bothering them. As I reached for her to take her away from the cage, as she was in my arms I caught a distinct and whining psychic voice, "But, they were teasing me." Startling, that's what it was. I looked at the birds and butter wouldn't melt in their beaks. But, I really think they'd ganged up on the cat to get her into trouble.

So, we thank you, Dear, for your story. Perhaps some day you'd like to talk of the chicken leg you ate once. Perhaps on a dieting page. In any case, like anything, though, we caution that as you begin this journey of Animal Speak you will find there are other areas that will beg to be developed too. Some, seemingly unrelated to the task at hand, but is that not how any journey goes? You will want to pause in your journey to see the largest ball of twine in the world as you progress upon your path. There are those who have braved the way into Animal Speak and we would refer you to them. Our channel will list them at the end of this article. Our blessings to everyone...moo-moo..meow-meow...woof-woof...tweet-tweet.

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