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Talking To Spirit  
Lady Skye Fyre's Archived Channeled Psychic Readings

What would it be like for you to not ever be embarrassed again? That you could walk into a room, have somebody ask your opinion on a subject that you really don't know anything about, say to them that you have no opinion and be done with the matter? Now? Your hesitation in itself is enough to clue the other person into the fact that you're probably dumber than dirt. How to get to the point where none of this matters a bit? You'd like that wouldn't you? Now, what if the solution to that could be bottled, as it were, and presented to you with a price tag of $1,000. Would you buy it? Well, yes, we feel that you would. What if we were to say to you that it would cost you absolutely nothing? Would you then be willing to allow this pain to slip away from you? Just let it go and live your life and don't be concerned about what anybody else thinks of you, for they will always have an opinion and that you can do nothing about. Just try your best.

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