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Talking To Spirit  
Lady Skye Fyre's Archived Channeled Psychic Readings

Let's do a past life regression. As quickly as it will take you to read this short paragraph. In your mind remember what you were doing 2 minutes ago. Now, remember and picture it as vividly as you can in your mind, what you were doing 15 minutes ago. Now, 3 hours ago. Now, yesterday this time. Now, a week ago. One thing, at any point during the course of your day settle upon it like a bird settles herself on the branch of a tree. It doesn't matter. You could have been brushing your teeth. You could have been preparing your dinner. Now, what were you doing 5 months ago? What were you doing a year ago? What were you doing 5 years ago? What were you doing 10 years ago? What were you doing 15 years ago? Now, as you have become accustomed to moving back in time allow the next regression to be to the earliest memory you have. Stay there just for a few seconds and your next memory will be from whatever lifetime in the past you've had that is important for you to see. It might be that you will have only the briefest of glimpses before you are back in this time and place. But, trust that it is your life and that it was just as important as this one is. Our blessings.

365 Days of Archived Readings


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