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Psychic Abilities

How You Can Develop Your Own

The five senses are seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling. If one of these senses fails the others will gradually become sharper compensating for the loss. There is a sixth sense that is called ESP or extra sensory perception. This sixth sense allows a person to gather information without apparent use of their other senses and so is also known as psychic ability.

There is a common belief held that some people have psychic abilities and others do not. I contend that everyone has psychic abilities. You are born with them. Some people are more obviously psychic than others but these abilities can be sharpened and brought into a closer focus.

When I was in my 30's I had a compelling and almost subconscious urge to awaken my own psychic abilities. I was drawn toward psychics and became fascinated with what they could tell me. However, this quickly became somewhat expensive and my frugal nature urged me to see if I couldn't do the same thing myself. That's when my journey to awaken my psychic abilities really took off.

Psychic abilities can manifest in all sorts of ways. In this section you can delve into what animals have to say. You can even learn how to channel yourself. Read what the guides have to say about creativity. Getting in touch with loved ones through your dreams has helped many people through the grieving process.

Sometimes the answers you seek are no farther away than the nose on your face. Look inside and help yourself. I've been writing a monthly newsletter since 2005. The current one and all the back issues are available for you to have a look at. We've also got a collection of psychic resources for you to look at.

Here's a way to make stress work for you. Table tipping has always been a fun way to communicate with spirits. Just watch your toes when the table starts dancing! And, finally try talking to yourself to help get out of ruts.

It is interesting to note that a person who is termed psychic might not always have been obviously psychic. There are ways to open and awaken psychically. I'd like to explore some of them in this website. Come join me.

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  • Psychic Resources
  • Stress - Make it Work For You
  • Table Tipping
  • Talk to Yourself

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