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The Spirit Moved Me Blog

Talking To Spirit  
Lady Skye Fyre's Channeled Psychic Readings

A Collection of Readings

Question: I am just wondering will I ever develop psychic abilities, and if so how many? Also, if I am to get some psychic abilities will I need to do more meditation?

You can start calling yourself, "The Amazing Marvel" now. Everybody has psychic abilities. Everybody has gut instincts about things and it's not at all uncommon for people to say they are basing a decision upon their intuition. That's where our psychicness shows itself.

As far as reading people's minds, making spoons bend and doing psychic readings, those things take training. There are lots of books on the market that will help folks to develop their psychic abilities. And, yes, you will definitely need to do more meditation, not just as a way to make yourself more psychic, but to achieve balance in your life and clarity with what you perceive with the psychic stuff.

Here's a short list of psychic abilities:

  • Automatic Writing -the art of writing through the subconscious mind without conscious thought, or through guided writing from the unknown.
  • Channeling - the act of receiving information from an outside source.
  • Clairaudience - the ability to hear or perceive sounds which are not normally audible.
  • Clairsentience - an energy of knowing an event, past, present or future through a feeling.
  • Clairvoyance - extrasensory perception of an event which is not present to the five senses.
  • Divination - a prophecy, prediction or foretelling the future by the act or practicing the occult arts.
  • ESP - is a sense of perception outside or apart from the normal senses.
  • Hiero-Scripting - automatic painting or drawing. The graphic version of automatic writing.
  • Intuitive - knowing, learning, acting or perceiving by intuition.
  • Medium - a person who channels by relaying information from an outside source.
  • Precognition - seeing ahead in time, a premonition of an event or something that will happen in the future.
  • Prophesy - to predict a future event under the influence of divine guidance.
  • Psychometry - divining knowledge about an object or a person connected with it through contact with the object.
  • Psychokinesis - ability to move objects with the mind.
  • Remote Viewing - to be able to see, describe a person, place or thing without being in their presence.
  • Telepathy - mind to mind communication.
  • Trans-Medium Channel - a consciousness enters into the human being and communicates through that person

Yes, study it. There is no one right way or any wrong ways (other than don't do anything stupid like hurting anybody or anything deliberately). Don't spend a ton of money on it. Start with books with the obvious titles of how to increase your psychic abilities. Use your common sense.

Continue with meditation, but don't overdo it. 20 minutes a day tops. Otherwise, if you want to do more than that get a meditation coach (read pay somebody some money). Be aware that developing psychic abilities is another way of saying developing spiritual path, whatever that path might be. Higher power involved here and you'll be coming face to face with it sooner rather than later.

Hang out with psychic folks. It's almost a contagious condition. I've got lots of links at my website like Spirit and Soul and the Rainbow Crystal Mountain Chat Room Also, there are lots of psychics there who like to practice and hone their reading skills. Become a member and see what it's like. Remember safety on the internet too...don't be giving away personal info. You're there for a purpose and that is to learn. You'll be meeting all sorts of nice people. Some sort of weird, but that's so in any walk of life.

Learn how to write or draw or both. This is a way to express yourself and to try to make sense of the growing you'll be doing.

Keep a journal. Very important for keeping things straight in your head. Keeping a journal is a good way to help people heal psychologically.

Recognize that as you do this you are putting yourself on a personal fast track, which entails some responsibility. This means your own personal psychological issues will rise up. Nothing to be afraid about, just recognize the fact that you'll be doing some fast psychological growth. Be open to visiting a psychotherapist. Nothing worse than an unbalanced psychic who goes around telling all sorts of baloney to people just because they've got issues. Gives the profession a bad name, I think.

Be old enough. If you are in your late teens or twenties it's almost too soon to do some of this stuff. This is the icing on the cake for folks who've already experienced something of the world and lived their lives a bit. You almost need to mellow a bit like old cheese for it to really mean something to you. At least, that's my own opinion.

What you can do, whatever your age and will only get better as time goes by, is to start learning to remember your dreams. Very, very important. Start keeping dream journals and just writing everything down in the morning. It takes time, but it will pay off in the end. (I just got a Guide's Thumb Up for you on that one.)

Practice moderation in everything you do. Make sure it isn't all "head stuff" with you and get out there to do physical exercise too whether it is just plain walking, running, aerobics or yoga.

Loosen up some. If you go into this thinking there are all sorts of rules you will shortly come to find out there are no rules. Just remember common sense. Don't spend a lot of money. Your path is where your interests lie.

But, basically, meditation, expressing yourself, right company, healing psychological issues as they come up, and moderate physical activities will be good for you. Those are like foundation building blocks. The other stuff will fall into place as time goes by and as you are ready for it. Oh, and don't be afraid.

Sometimes I hear from people who think they are possessed or who believe they've stirred up an angry, or evil spirit. Sorry. That's where the psychological issues and their superstitious attitudes are taking predominance. They don't always believe me and think they need an exorcism or something like that, but it really is a psychotherapist they need. Or, just time. Sometimes, this stuff will calm down as the person gets used to dealing with the psychic stuff. I did a combination of both. It took me years to get through the weird new phase.

So, it isn't something to dabble with lightly. It's a tiger by the tail if you want to know the truth. It can be terribly frightening at times, (I happened to me), but once you get through the new and unusual phase, aren't so gullible anymore, and are paying attention to your own issues that need healing and working your stuff with meditation, writing and exercise it'll smooth out.

Six months to do this? No. More like six years. It takes a long time. You prove to Spirit that you're interested by sticking to your plan and continuing to meditate, etc even when nothing seems to be happening. It's a lonely thing too.

Your teachers will come to you when you are ready. Pay attention.

Question: I would like to know if I am going to have a baby in the near future. If so can you tell me when?

Channeled Information: We might begin. There are times when it is best not to answer certain questions as they are asked of Spirit. These are major lessons for you and for others and our interference is not permitted. We might, though, certainly discuss certain aspects of motherhood with you. The idea of your own growth might be looked at a little more clearly if you begin to pay a closer attention to issues which cause you unease.

If you feel a lack in your life because children are not there, please remember there are many children in need of loving relationships. These children might come from situations where they no longer have a stable family life and have been placed into foster care. In addition, there are children you might make a part of your life who come from the families of your friends, associates and relatives. Spending time with these children would serve a dual purpose by enabling the parents to engage in activities they might not necessarily have the time for at this point in their lives, whether it is a leisurely afternoon of shopping or a class they would like to attend and you would have a child in your life.

In any event, please remember the oft repeated truth of couples who were not able to conceive a child, who moved to adopt a child and then shortly thereafter found the woman pregnant. The thought is that concern and worry have been removed from the issue. So, relax about the matter, know the universe is truly a safe place and do your best to live in the moment. Our blessings to you.

Question: I would like to know what I need to do to get the money I need to live my life the way I prefer and to study, learn, and improve my talents. I hope this question makes sense. I would also be interested in any other info you receive from spirit. Thank you and love to you.

Channeled Information: Welcome to you. The laws of abundance actually operate rather simply. What is not simple and what tends to interfere with their operation is worry and concern. Remember that whatever you are doing you are learning. Nothing is wasted. Absolutely nothing. To acquire material possessions and expand your repertoire of talents the techniques are similar.

First, focus upon that which you want. This, simple as it sounds, is rather difficult for people to accomplish for you must develop a focus and determination that nothing can sway. Meditation is an integral part of this process. Although, there are self-made people who, if you asked them, would say they had been able to get where they got to without the benefit of meditation, we would point out to you that they had, indeed, been practicing meditative states without realizing they did so. Some call it day dreaming. In any case, the first step is to narrow down your choice to one out of the zillion things you want. One at a time in the beginning. Start small. Learn to visualize. Hold in your hand a small object. Focus on it, be it a piece of jewelry or a stone. Close your eyes and "see" this same object again in the palm of your hand. When you feel you are ready, move on to something minor you would like to have. You might find a picture of it in a magazine which you can look at often during the course of the day. Practice "seeing" this thing. Know it is yours. See yourself with it. (This is why automobile manufacturers rarely show their autos on television with people already sitting in them. The idea is for you, the viewer, to imagine him or herself behind the wheel of that particular car.)

What will happen is that you will be presented with "ways" to have this object or quality. Suddenly, you will begin to see advertisements. Suddenly, you will meet people in that particular line of work. Suddenly, you won't be able to go anywhere without being reminded of what you want. This is good. It is a part of the process. The next step is for you to be open to ways of acquiring this thing. You might be offered the opportunity for some part time work, or if you are already working, the opportunity for some overtime. You might see a class advertised which is just up your alley.

Next, you will also be presented with all the reasons why you are not deserving of these attentions. This is, now, your opportunity to do some work with these issues. Ask and answer, for yourself, the questions of why you are deserving of having this object or these talents. Move through these stages. And, the final stage is to let it go. Entirely. Just let it go and let it happen. This means stop worrying about it. Our blessings to you.

Question: Will I ever meet Mr. Right????

Channeled Information: Welcome to you. We would not answer the "when" to your question, for this is a part of your learning. The "will" is a given and will happen. We would ask you to consider some items which come to mind. First of all, you are surrounded by a great many people who might be considered in one situation or another Mr. Right. It is your attitude and view toward life which is preventing that certain special someone from being a more romantic part of your life at this point in time.

We also adjure you to be aware that no one person, be they male or female, in the course of your lifetime, past, present or future can make you happy. We say to you that only you can make you happy. There is also the concept of watching pots boil which comes into play in this situation. Investigate the universal laws of abundance and of manifestation. Put out your want, your need, your desire to the universe. Pay some attention to how you word this. And, then, let it go.

We would make a few suggestions to you. Begin to pay attention to people of your acquaintance who are or were involved in relationships. What about those particular relationships did you admire? What qualities did you not care for? Go ahead and ask people, whether they are involved in relationships or not, what they consider to be important in a relationship. There are never any right or wrong answers to these questions, but the answers will, perhaps, propel you along a path of investigation which will allow you to open up to others in a way that will enrich both your own and their lives.

On another note, not to lay blame, but merely to understand where you are right now. You, several lifetimes ago, had an extremely intense and loving relationship with another person. At the time, you were the male in the relationship and your spouse the female. What you learned from love in that lifetime has spilled over into this one making it difficult to create a similar bond with someone else. Not that you are pining in any way for the love you had, but from what you learned was possible in a loving relationship, your standards, now, are very high.

Be at peace, it will happen. Our blessings to you.

Question: I've just been through a very painful breakup and am very sad even though I know it was for the best. I feel as though it will be a long time before I find love again. If you could give me advice on how to heal my broken heart, and tell me if you see love in my future. I am not particularly anxious to have another relationship, but would like to know if my soulmate is anywhere in sight!

Channeled Information: Welcome to you, Dear. Moving through the debris of an ended relationship is very much like the grieving process. It just takes time and however you move through it is appropriate for you. In recognizing that this was necessary you have taken a step toward healing. In being able to say, "Yes, the time we had together was of value to us both. We both learned, but, it is now time for us both to move forward." Also, remember that God does not shut one door without opening another. So, in addressing ways in which you might heal, pay attention, then, to your own needs of expressing yourself; your grief and your anger. We suggest a period of six weeks of journaling, during which, each and every day you write in a notebook for at least 3 pages. This is not to be a high literary effort. This is not something you show anyone else. This is an area where you can let your hair down and be yourself. Where you explore different sore places in your psyche and your heart.

Additionally, we would suggest to you that you be open to relationships with people to the extent that you can be friends with them and not with a view toward a romantic liaison. When you are ready you might enthusiastically enter into a romantic relationship either with someone already known to you or with someone new. Your soulmate, has had contact with you three times in your life already. When you are ready they will make another appearance, though, be aware that soulmates do not necessarily equal a romantic liaison. Soulmates are not necessarily your opposite sexual preference. Soulmates are not necessarily your same age. Soulmates do not necessarily incarnate upon the Earth or any other planet at the same time you do. Be aware that if you truly feel you have met your soulmate be confident to continue with that thought. We would mention, though, there are members of a person's soul family or group that join them at different times throughout their lives.

Our blessings to you.

Question: I lost contact with the love of my life. Will I ever talk to him again and if so, when?

Channeled Information: We will begin. With every relationship there are times out of it where growth needs to occur. It was necessary for the both of you to part ways in the physical body. Our suggestion to you is to allow your grief to pass and to move onward. Now, we would say to you that love is never lost. The love you hold now for this individual is not wasted. Nor, is his for you. But, again, we would recommend to you that you move forward with your life.

As far as making contact with your love, there are probable realities available to you where you will speak with him, but his circumstances might not allow him to renew the relationship on the same footing you enjoyed before. There is also a probable reality where you will never speak again to him in this lifetime. You are the one who will determine whichever of these realities take place. Have you heard the term soul mate? This individual is a soul mate of yours. Now, does knowing that grieve you more to have lost him? We would urge you to be grateful for the time you did have together. People spend a great deal of time looking for their soul mates and never seem to find them. People seem to think that once found a soul mate will be with them body and soul for the remainder of their natural life. This is not necessarily true. And, it does not necessarily hold that a person will even find their soul mate during the course of their lifetime. This does not at all negate the need to establish relationships with others and to share love with others. But, please be aware you have been in each other's pocket for a great many incarnations.

There is also the concept of soul family. This is a larger grouping of souls who enjoy each other's company off and on throughout the course of an incarnation. You might sustain a longer relationship with a soul family member or with a soul mate either through familial ties, through marriage, through friendship or through a working relationship or meet with them only briefly. Interestingly enough, both with soul mates and with soul family members, compatibility never comes up in the conversation. But, it is possible to have a relationship with one or the other which is disruptive and uncomfortable at times. These are people who have agreed to help you in your own learning, as you have agreed prior to their incarnation to help them and sometimes we learn a great deal from those who irritate us the most.

Our advice to you would be to move forward. And, please, be open to love. Love is love whether from soul mates, soul family members or just plain, ordinary everyday souls. Pay attention to your own needs. Our blessings to you this fine day.

Question: I just wondered what you see coming up for me in my life? I've been through so many changes that I am not sure if I am on the right path now or about to start on the wrong one. Any insight would be helpful. Thank you.

Channeled Information: Our blessings to you. There are several reasons why a person might not be able to stay the consistent path. Likely, they don't have a clear goal in mind. But, we would point out to you a few things that you might take under the guise of consideration. One thing that comes to mind in a life fraught with upheaval and unsettledness is an inability to sit still. Ask yourself why. Keeping in mind that all the time you are never straying from your own true path no matter what you end up doing in your life. So, the question of whether you did right or not does not come to bear in this conversation.

What we are addressing are all the ways you can choose to walk your path. So, if you cannot settle upon one course and upon consideration choose not to settle upon one course we would say there is really no problem at all. Who, by the way, said you had a problem and why do you figure they said it? So, in comparison with some other person's life, a person who stayed the course, your life is indeed fraught with change. It might not have been a happy thing for the other person, but for you? Perhaps this is just the way you want to conduct your life. Maybe you just want to see a continual flow of change in your life. And, maybe not.

Now, perhaps you've come to a point in your life where the changes that multiplied like mushrooms in the arena of your life before isn't what you want to be doing now. Okay. So, do something about it. You are not a dust mote in the wind here. You can decide what to do with your life and you are not a victim of circumstance and of fate.

How to do this? How to make a change in your life so that the whirlwind of activity slows down somewhat. This is your opportunity to do a major piece of personal growth. You can ask yourself a series of questions (or hire a therapist and have them ask them instead) about why you are unwilling to create a sense of calm in your life. It really doesn't matter whether you do this yourself or whether you pay someone else to help you do the job. It is a difficult task whichever route you choose. But, if it will produce what it appears you are ready to embrace we would say to you, "Bravo."

All you need to do to begin is to make the decision to start. That is as simple as it need be. What will flow to you, seemingly as if by magic, will be the ways you might begin a new process of discovery about yourself. Our blessings to you and our best wishes.

Some of My Testimonials

Thanks for your innate honesty. - TZ

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I just want to thank you for your time in answering my questions. May God be with you. - TB

Well, I didn't win the lottery but that's OK. Seth had a lot to say and gave me a lot to think about. - SZ

Lady Skye Fire, I must extend my deepest gratitude to you and Seth. The reading was wonderful, and I am very thankful to have found you! - HN

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Also, you have made me feel so much better. Knowing my grandmother is close by is a warm feeling. Thank you. - DE

Your reading is utterly correct. - SK

Thank you for the nice reading. It brightened the end of a long day. - EV

Thank you! That was pretty awesome! Read it three times and saved it! ***HUGS*** - GA

I understood everything, there were messages in messages and I know what they mean. Thanks again. - KM

I just wanted to let you know that I really like your site. I have been dealing with grieving issues, and your grief section really helps shed some light. Many thanks. Blessings to you! - DW

Wonderful site! Thank you for having the strength to share this information with those who seek it. - C

Hi, I found your site by "accident" and really enjoyed the laugh about the nose of your guide. Thanks for the laugh. Love and Light - CR

I just found your site --- already it has been a lot of help --- thank you. I am going through another "time of faith" smile and need assistance. This site is really helping --- thank you again PS -- send love to those cats - DP

Hi, oh what a thoroughly delightful website! I found it by accidentally plugging in the wrong address and am sure, of course, that there's a reason why I couldn't remember the website's address that I was looking for. Imagine my surprise when yours came up. The tears haven't dried in my eyes yet, I laughed so hard when I read the Shamanic Journey. - I

A beautiful web site so calm and reflective. - CO

I visited your website during my web browsing time. I have had a heavy heart for a couple of weeks now and I've been praying for reassurance and guidance almost every night. I don't think I happened to stumble by your page on accident or coincidently. I feel like I was guided there. I prayed and held the question in my head momentarily which has been bothering me for a few weeks now and I clicked on random reading #309 and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I feel so relieved and at peace. Thank You So Much! I really appreciate the help and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. : ) - CCG

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