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Resources and Links

MasterCook Recipes

Bill Wright's Recipe Collection
Over the past several years, I have searched for and collected recipes from all over the Internet for all kinds of foods. Many of the recipes I collected were from old bulletin boards and early on-line services like Prodigy. Now, you can download them into MasterCook.

Cooking Information Center
A great collection of cookbooks to download into MasterCook.

Download A Gazillion Meal-MasterTM Recipes Now
Here are 158,000+ recipes from around the world, contributed by folks in all walks of life. These collections are in Meal-MasterTM (MM) format. These can be imported into MasterCook 9 program.

Glen's MealMaster Recipe Archives
They may be MealMaster recipes, but I downloaded them just fine into my MasterCook 9 program. This is huge.

GrassRoots Links to Other MasterCook Recipe Sites
Links to Other Mastercook/Meal-Master Files

Lu's MasterCook Recipes
27 downloadable MasterCook 4 (MXP) files with an emphasis on ethnic cooking.

Mad's Recipe Emporium
Mr. Mad has collected a phenomenal collection of MasterCook Recipes.

MasterCook 9.0
Here's where to get the latest version of MasterCook 9.0. Worth every cent of $20. Enjoy.

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I'm hooked on MasterCook. I was never so thrilled when they came out with version 9. My first experience with MasterCook started way back when. Back when nobody had a hard drive on their computer and the only way onto the internet in my house was to dial into our local library for a gateway to the internet. The internet then was not what it is now and there were no pictures. It was all text and it was all Bulletin Boards and NewsGroups. It must have been 17 years ago, I suppose. I found the sites and I fell in love. Those recipes were all formated to the MasterCook program.

I've tried some of the other cookbook software programs, but for me, right now, this is the one. To that end, for my own enjoyment and yours too, I've collected a few websites for folks who have made their collections available to others. And, maybe one of these days, if I do more of them, I'll put our own channeled recipes on the web for downloading too. In the meantime you can see them on our Channeled Recipes page.

If you have or know of a website that you feel might be included here, please drop me a line and I'll be glad to update the pages.

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