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Resources and Links

Metaphysical Matters

When I set out to channel I moved into an area I eventually came to think of as Metaphysical. Within this area every single one of my long accepted beliefs were turned over. After the upset I began slowly to rebuild the ideas upon which I lived. The basic things of being responsible and don't do bad things stayed in place. The new things I had to think about were things like: You are not a victim. And: You can create your own reality. As short as those sentences are they were absolutely mind boggling to me. Here is a collection of Things Metaphysical.

Avalon Risen
Pagan, metaphysical, occult store online featuring Pagan books, jewelry, ritual tools, music, Goddess studies - with percentage of profits helping to save Coast Redwoods from extinction.

Beyond the Rainbow
Since 1987 we've been helping people choose tools and treasures for their own growth, and to buy gifts for themselves and for those they love. Beyond the Rainbow offers us a greatly expanded opportunity to share both the crystals, flower essences, and essential oils, which have helped our customers (and us), and a fine selection of jewelry, statues, fountains, chimes, and other gifts for the harmonious home.

Crystal Links
A site worth to take a look, contains good info on various themes, also the prophecies section contains many categories to consult.

IN LIGHT TIMES - A Spiritual, Metaphysical, Holistic Publication
On-line & Hard Copy Publication presents concepts for conscious living - spiritual growth. Uplifting features, interviews, health, astrology, reviews, more...

Metaphysical Directory
Psychics and healers. Teachings in divination, palmistry, meditation, healings and more. Directory of Metaphysical related sites including hand healing, crystal healing, psychics, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, tarot cards.

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