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Resources and Links


This was one of those mornings where I knew in my heart I had embarked upon an internet surfing expedition that was going to result in something special. I happened upon a site with the most gorgeous mandalas and the man spoke of Ho'oponopono. What an incredibly interesting word and the work it involved was right up my alley. I knew right away, even before I had an opportunity to study Ho'oponopono further that I must make a page for it in my resource pages. Healing the way I had sometimes experienced. Healing in a way that felt so completely right to me. So, for the dual purpose of having my own links and resources easily at hand I share them with you. Delve into Ho'oponopono with me.

Mystijul's Realm
Digital new age mandala art. Spiritual art that will inspire and refresh you! Stunning mandala products as well: t-shirts, clothing, cards, journals, mugs, totes, bags, tiles, prints, magnets, stickers and more! Manifestation products and information.

Ancient Huna
Ho'oponopono means to make right. Essentially, it means to make it right with the ancestors, or to make right with the people with whom you have relationships.

Ho'oponopono Blogspot
Ho'oponopono is about "restoring your light!” Ho'oponopono is a simple process of "letting go" of any "toxic energies" within you and allowing a "new space" for the healing power of your true Divine thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

Hawaiian Ho'oponopono: Mary Pukui
Hawaiian Ho'oponopono and Hawaiian Huna Kalani for resolving family entanglements and emotional crises.

Ho’oponopono: Lessons from Hawaiian Shamanism
Nourished Magazine is powered by an online community of people like you, sharing experience, knowledge and passion for living well. Together we remember how to nourish our bodies, our children, our planet. This is a fabulous article about Ho'oponopono.

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