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I think humor has an important place in our lives. We may be busy. We may have a lot of responsibilities. We may have no time to call our own, but at the end of the day it's nice to have been able to have a nice laugh along the way.

There is a reason people laugh. It's a terrific way to let off steam and letting off steam enables you to be more productive. Finding something to laugh about helps a person to heal. Laughing relieves stress. Healing occurs more easily for folks who can laugh.

Recently I had some extensive dental work done. The next day my mouth was terribly sore, but I went to work anyway. The day was long and I was still in a lot of pain. When I got home that night I was like a zombie. After cream of wheat cereal for dinner I said to my husband, "Let's watch an, "I Love Lucy" show. I need to laugh." For the half hour that we watched Lucy and Ethel dipping chocolates while Ricky and Fred tried their hand at being house wives I laughed. It was exactly what I needed.

No matter how serious you are it is important that you laugh about at least one thing during the course of the day. If it helps to get you in the mood visit one of the sites below.

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Quotes about Humor
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Christmas Humor
A website totally devoted to Christmas and this page to humor.

Religious Humor
Religious humor, jokes, cartoons and riddles - tasteful and funny things that happen to churchgoers and clergy.

Belief.Net Humor
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A Joke-A-Day
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Funny pictures, jokes, fun pages and hilarious humor at Humorsphere

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