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My point in all of this is that you, an ordinary person, can, with practice, learn to trust your own psychic intuition. But, in the meantime, it's such a help to get advice from people, isn't it? Except, once you ask and receive their advice you always, in the back of your head, sort of wonder what their motives were for suggesting it. Like your sister-in-law suggests to you that you get out and enjoy yourself more. You wonder why she suggested that, thinking it isn't just the love in her heart she holds for you that prompted her to say that. What does she know that she's not saying? It's a cautionary place to go. Ideally, you just take whatever anybody is suggesting you do and either do it or don't do it, but to gnash your teeth over it is not fun. This is advice from people you know.

Advice from people you do not know is also fraught with pitfalls. You don't know what they are basing their statements upon. You don't know what their agenda is. They don't have any particular code of ethics. They could be a mass murderer for all you know.

And, advice from psychics. Well, the same thing applies to them as to the group of people you do not know. And, they could flat out be a charlatan with the primary goal of separating you from your money. But, hope, as they say, springs eternal and this might be the one person who might just understand you. This, you think, could be the one person who might be able to point you in the right direction, or at least help you to take the first step towards fulfilling a dream or becoming aware of something that has blocked your progress.

You have hid your innermost hopes and fears from the world. There are reasons you have hidden them. Protection, mostly. But, you have shielded yourself so that you would not be hurt. You know you need to go get some therapy to help you over that last little bump in the road, but you just aren't motivated to go make the appointment and sit for the innumerable visits talking and talking. You need something else. And, you go to a psychic to see what is uppermost of all your traits and characteristics that should be addressed. And, they say to you something really simple like you might consider keeping a journal. Not to be witty or to unravel the mysteries of the world, but just to sort out the thoughts you have and let the wounds in your heart heal. That's all. Now, that's a no-brainer. But, it's going to help you. And, the psychic saw a hole in your heart. They psychically saw a spot that's not right. You were hurt. Your heart can heal.

It cost you $35 to get that advice, but the psychic saw something that your sister-in-law missed.

Now, here are some rules for you. The psychic is as human as you are. There might not be an overt agenda on their part, but there are certainly areas where their advice might be a little skewed. Like you shouldn't ask me about dieting. You don't need to protect yourself in any way other than to keep in mind that if the advice you receive doesn't sound right, you don't take it. You are, however, paying for a service and the psychic is taking their time with you. Don't be a tight-wad and ask for your money back. Be upfront with it all. Between the two of you, you determine just what will be involved with your reading and agree to the payment.

Here's something else that happens during psychic readings. Sometimes they will see something that is going to happen in the future. I had a reading 3 years ago. The thing described didn't happen until this last summer. It took awhile. I didn't obsess about it. I wasn't afraid about it. I just knew that when it happened the psychic had predicted it would happen.

The psychic is not going to change your life or your fortune. Only you have the power to do that.

It's not a good idea to buy a curse to hurt somebody, but if that's what you want to do have at it. I'm not giving you permission, I'm just saying be careful about it.

Now, this is my own pet peeve. If a psychic says to you that you must return to them again and frequently for further advice or protection run the other way. Just say, "thank you, but no thanks." Which brings up another point and that is I think there is a difference between occasionally going to a psychic and going to one every other month. That's a little bit too frequent. Unless you're learning how to be a psychic. But, repeated visits is not helpful….at least, not to you.

Also, if somebody says to you that you must pay to remove a curse on you or on your family don't do it. If you've got a curse, that's your karma and nobody can remove it but yourself. Besides, it's not a curse, it's a family trait. Unlucky in love? Always? Yeah, right. Quit treating women like doormats, Buddy. Your grandfather did it, your dad did it, your uncles and cousins all did it. It's not surprising that you do to. Stop it. And, that's no charge.

But, how do you choose the absolutely right psychic for you? Well, first of all they are all different. They all have different strengths and different levels of experience. Same with their fees. Look at your budget. I'd say $35 to $65 is a good price to pay for a reading, though as time has gone by I've seen prices go up. Listen to recommendations from people. And, in the final analysis just let your fingers do the walking. I've collected links to a number of psychics on this page. There are a few of them I know personally, who I have either gotten a reading from or just had an email friendship with for awhile. It's a crap shoot, actually, just who you end up with. But, no matter what sort of reading you get I think you would not waste your money. These people have learned to tap into a source of information that just isn't always readily available to everyone. It's there and anyone could tap into it. But, not everyone does and that's why you go to a psychic.

What I do? I go to psychics too. For my birthday every other year or so I randomly pick a psychic and pay for a reading. I consider it my own professional development. Because I never took a class on how to be a psychic I learn from how other psychics conduct their readings. It's a toss of the dice. Consider it entertainment.

Keep those "rules" in mind too: Don't start forking over money just because somebody says you must for return visits. Run far and fast from someone who says, "You should" or "You must". Remember that psychics are human too and because of that they will interpret reality in their own way. You see dark and dangerous, I see dark and the opportunity to address unresolved life lessons. It's a point of view.

Most importantly begin to develop and trust your own intuition. You've certainly got some.

Enjoy your reading.
Stephen Wagner, from the respected Internet website, is the guide offering information about different sites involved with channeling.

Abraham-Hicks Publications
Books, recordings, and more from Abraham-Hicks Publications, sponsor of workshops with Abraham, a group of spiritually evolved teachers who dialog through Esther Hicks.

Barb Mallon Psychic Medium
You can listen to samples of Barb's psychic readings at her website. A delightful and skilled psychic and medium.

"Those of you who are not meditating, will you find five minutes a day, just five minutes a day, to focus on peace and visualize it on this planet? Those of you who are good at it, do it more. And those of you who are beginning, please try harder. Visualize this planet absolutely radiant, bathed totally in Light, Power, Love, and Harmony. When you do this, you are moving away from limited beliefs into expanded possibilities." From, "Moving Into Planetary Brotherhood" channeled by Mary-Margaret Moore.

Bashar is a being of extraterrestrial origin, a friend from the future who has spoken for the past 21 years through channel, Darryl Anka, bringing through a wave of new information that clearly explains in detail how the universe works and how each person creates the reality they experience.

An incredible resource for a variety of on-line readings - have a look at your biorhythms, get a tarot reading, what do the runes say for you, I-Ching, numerology and bibliomancy.

Fire Through Spirit
Mahamere Corbie Mitleid brings you strength and loving support as you search for answers to life's challenges. Mediumship, Tarot/Angel/Faery readings, numerology, past lives and spirit guide conferences. Certified Psychic with 30 years experience.

Global Psychics, Real Psychics, Real Answers
Excellent Psychic Readings: online, email and by phone. Authentic psychic readers, mediums, astrologers, numerologists, animal communicators and medical intuitives. Plus: Insights on dreams, signs and symbols, creative living, spirituality, animal communications. Plus: Paranormal stories. Predictions. Prophecy, Tips for Developing Intuition. And More.

International Pathwork Foundation
The Pathwork is a body of practical spiritual wisdom that lays out a step-by-step journey into personal transformation and wholeness, down to the very core of our being. It is a voyage of discovery to the Real Self through the layers of our defenses, denial and fear. The map for this journey to the Real Self is in 258 lectures given by Eva Pierrakos over a 30-year period. You are invited into this inspiring world of astonishing clarity and wisdom.

John of God
Joao Teixeira da Faria , commonly referred to as John of God (Joao de Deus), is arguably the most powerful unconscious medium alive today and is possibly the best-known healer of the past 2000 years. It is estimated that he has treated, either directly or indirectly, in the order of 15 million people during the past 40 years.

Spiritual, New Age empowerment with the eloquence of Zen wisdom and spiritual simplicity. Spirit is who you are naturally, spirituality is all about you, your awareness and spiritual growth.

Wild Goddess Life
The seed of a Wild Goddess lives within every woman. When you remember your magnificent Wild Goddess nature, you unleash deep power from within. - homesite of channelers Story Waters and Lee Harris. Free monthly 'Invitation to Remember' audiocast, plus The Messiah Seed and free printable eBook and audio downloads.

Opening to Channel - LuminEssence
Orin and DaBen, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer's official website. Explore courses to awaken your light body, channel, create abundance, live your life purpose, make soul contact, and more.

Personalized Sound Portraits by Howard Richman
Individualized, customized transformational piano compositions expressing you in music, by Howard Richman.

Lost and Found
Psychic readings: Linda Dalton is an authentic psychic counselor. Gain spiritual insight from her psychic readings of the Tarot, as well as practical advice from her life experience.

Shirley Knapp
Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Author. Spiritual healing, advancement, through books, audios, classes, consultations, energy work.

Spirit Find - World Channelers Directory
A search engine for spiritual sites, includes sections on ascension, channeling, healing, meditation, psychics, and more. Established in 1999. Updated daily!

Starcana Tarot
Life Path Tarot Readings, Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot - to organize your thoughts and life.

Sylvia Browne
Sylvia Browne, psychic and spiritual teacher passed away in November, 2013. Her son Chris has stepped up to continue her work in spirit.

The Center for Christ Consciousness
The Center for Christ Consciousness offers intuitive readings, channeled lessons & messages from our Divine Parents and other celestial teachers. Also, we connect you with your Divine Parents and your personal celestial teacher, whose practical and loving advice will uplift and inspire you.

The Center for the Soul
Site of Robin Lopez Lysne with focus on re-balancing your life, creating more harmony and insight, finding your heart-path and building better relationships.

The Path of the White Rose
Eileen Smith is a Intuitive Healer, bodyworker as well as the artist behind the visionary, spiritual art of SpiritArt, and the fantasy based White Falcon Arts, a internationally recognized inspirational fantasy and healing art artist whose work hangs in the homes of art collectors and the offices of healers and seekers around the planet.

A quick little story that happened in the early days of my channeling. At the time I didn't know anybody else who channeled and had not yet ventured out into the community of new age folks. So, for me to see a woman who really looked like she was channeling in a local grocery store seemed to almost be a miracle. There was this woman having a conversation all by herself in front of the canned vegetables. Silently I exclaimed to Seth in my head, "She's channeling!" He said to me, "No, Dear. She is talking to a can of peas." She then pocketed the can in question and made her way down the isle. I stood there in shock for a little bit before I recovered and finished my shopping.

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Dennis fixing the birds up for the day...Shelby keeping watch

Dennis fixing breakfast for the birds...Shelby keeping watch

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