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Table Tipping, Tapping, Rapping

Table tipping can either be a deadly bore if nothing works or a rollicking good seance with the table tapping, tipping and shaking. I have had personal experiences with both types. The first one, and most memorable, was one that both my husband and I attended. Through my association with a Seth group we were invited to attend a table tipping years ago. About 15 people gathered around 2 card tables. Technically, I suppose, you'd need 4 people per table, but we all jammed in willy nilly. I remember at our table folks were hanging off of the corners once the energy got moving. (Somebody just said to me, "Spooks, Dear. Not energy. Spooks.) Oh, well.

The people hosting the table tipping night had us put our hands flat on the surface of the table and "get in the mood". How to get in the mood? Well, I sought a semi-meditative state. I wasn't able to go full-meditative just because there were so many people around, but I sought something other than normal. I remember someone starting to chant "Om" and we all joined in. That did help to raise the vibrations in the room. I suppose, in hindsight, that's what we were seeking. Raise the vibrations. What that means? Still is a mystery to me, though, at times I've felt "different". Could be I'd raised them without really knowing what I was doing? The guides say yes. They have said to us that a child learns to walk without knowing what the mechanics are in the actual locomotive process. So, we raised the vibrations.

It took about 10 minutes for "stuff" to start happening. Which isn't bad considering I've spent much longer at it by myself with subsequent attempts at tipping that never really resulted in anything of note. Anyway, about 10 minutes. The first thing that began to happen (with eyes closed and concentrating on raising vibrations, attaining an other than normal state of mind and chanting Om) was that I felt and heard sharp knocks coming from the underside of the table directly beneath my hands. That was wild, because I'd never heard of table tapping. We were there for a table tipping and something different was happening. So, a series of pretty sharp knocks; we're not talking milk toast knocks, we're talking loud knocks that you can both hear and feel. Than, the table began to feel mushy under my hands. I still had my eyes closed, but the surface of the table felt like jello to me. And, not even firmly set jello. Just the real mushy stage where you're going to want to mix in your bananas and nuts. Fascinated, I began to wiggle my fingers. They felt like they were gooshing in and out of the table. I have no idea what things actually looked like because my eyes were closed. Also, the lighting in the room was rather dim coming from a number of candles set about to create a sort of spooky ambiance. Then, as the minutes passed the table began to vibrate. Which was also very cool. But, the most exciting part was yet to come.

You're talking to the world's greatest skeptic. I like to pride myself on being firmly rooted in reality. Which, as I learned to become a channel, really pushed the envelope. Well, so did my first table tipping. And, now? Well, reality is a wider thing for me these days. As the minutes passed and it appeared we were getting some spirit action going on with the table, our "leader", the person who had both invited us to attend and who was the person in charge at our table started saying in a loud and firm voice, "Table Up!" He said this over and over again. We took up the chant. Have you ever seen that short film from Pixar Studios with the little birdies sitting on the telephone wire? Yeah, like that. Anyway, as an aside, this was the part that I didn't cotton to right off. It seemed like such a rude thing to be saying to Folk in Spirit. The way I figured it if they were going to tip the table they were going to tip the table and no amount of cheering was going to move the process farther along. I may have been wrong.

The first odd thing that happened was the corner of the table lifted off of the ground just a little bit. It might have been an inch; just a little bit. We almost weren't sure anything had happened. Chanting continued and, the same corner lifted off the ground again. From there it was a walk in the park because the other corners began to lift off the ground. The lifting got higher and faster. I remember the table really rocked. The action got to be so lively that we could no longer remain sitting. Also, we'd taken off our shoes to get comfortable and toes were in danger of getting squished. So, we all wanted to move away, but we thought we had to keep our hands touching the surface of the table. As we were forced to stand back because of the motion of the table many of us had to take one hand off of the table and that did not seem to impede the action.

None of us was pushing, pulling, or moving either of those tables around. There were just too many people. It was almost pandemonium with folks giggling and hooting and laughing with what we were witnessing. We had tried to be serious enough to have a conversation with Spirit. We laid some groundrules with Spirit for communicating with us, like you could say, "When that corner raises it means, 'Yes' and when the opposite corner raises it means, 'No'." But, things just moved along too fast. Someone also said that you could set up a system where the alphabet might be spelled out either with raps (one rap means A, two raps means B, etc.) or with the movement of the table, but we never got that far. It just all dissolved too quickly into a rollicking good table tipping.

I've never even come close again to experiencing what we saw that night. I've tried, though, but my husband and neighbor only have so much patience to spend with Pauline on a table tipping. Somehow, it just gets spoiled as they laugh at my feeble attempts to get Spirit to tip a table. Hey, you'd figure that I can channel up a storm, why can't I get some of the Folks in Spirit I talk to, to tip a table or two? My take on it these days is that I'm not running enough psychic energy. There must have been some folks well grounded in meditation practices and psi stuff to really get the energy of the group moving. So, something for me to work on.

There are all kinds of way to connect with Spirit and all kinds of ways to communicate. Table tipping is a decidedly fun way.


This is an e-mail I received:

E-mail Comment: I have done some table tipping with friends. I personally can't do it on my own. I don't have the energy. But my best friend and her mother can. And I mean wow. I've seen the table move all over the room with just our fingers on the table. I have seen it spin so fast it almost floated off the ground. They don't even have to sit and wait anymore, once they put their hands on the table. They use the same one for that purpose and it just starts to lift from one end. I can only sit there in awe when I see it.

My Answer: I'm the same way as you are. I just can't get it to dance when I'm the only one there. It reminds me exactly of what went on when I was trying to learn to use the Ouija board. The planchette (plastic arrow pointer) wouldn't move for 6 months...then, it finally moved, my guide and I spent 10 days talking on the board and then I started channeling as I do now, in my head. I wonder if you sat there every single afternoon with your hands on a small table, meditating, asking for a guide to move the table that eventually it might move? The only thing about table tipping is that it is not a real efficient way to communicate with the other side. The only place I did see huge success, like you and your friend and her mother enjoyed, the people participating in the table tipping "demanded" that the table go, "Up, up" and I never really thought that was very respectful. However, it worked for them. Anyway, the communication part was an arrangement between the head tipper and our ghostly guest that we would mostly ask, "yes" and "no" questions. If that corner of the table moved up then the answer was "yes" and if the opposite corner moved it would be a "no".

They also moved easily into table tapping and there were lots of taps going on before the tipping started. They attempted to institute a series of "code" taps to spell out words. The Head Table Tipper Person would start reciting the alphabet and when the appropriate letter was reached our ghost would tap. Except that was really laborious and I eventually plain got lost on the message being tapped out.

I've had minimal success with working a table with a neighbor. It almost felt goofy to me to say the things that they said during the one table tipping that worked. Now, from what you've said it seems to me that the "script" doesn't need to be said and what I felt with the, "Up, up" was right. Maybe you don't have to say those things at all. As we sat quietly with our hands on the table, I moved into a semi-meditative state and the surface of the table began to feel like jello. It felt to me like I was moving my hands slowly into the jello.

You've actually given me hope that I might do this on my own some day. Sometimes, as with folk who want to learn how to channel, it's the small realizations that are all they need for the larger breakthrough's to happen.

Spirits, Inc.
Table Manners at the 'Spiritualist Association of Great Britain' (SAGB)

TABLE TIPPING Popular Past Time of the Home Spirit Circles
During the early 1900’s, when professional mediums all over the country were claiming to communicate with the spirits, ordinary people developed in interest in psychic phenomena. Most of these people had neither the means, nor the access, to professional mediums, so many of them developed "home circles". The home circles were simply small collections of family and friends who would get together and attempt to contact the spirit world.

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