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Resources and Links


Alexis' Beads
Instructions for a variety of projects - English, French & German

All Info About Jewelry Making
Lots of info and great photos
Great selections for making your own jewelry. Good service.

Beading How To's
Some really great tutorials

Beads at
Tons of information from learning, creating and designing to selling your finished work.

Beads, Baubles and Jewels
Our site is filled with instructions for making your own fabulous jewelry creations. Beading and jewelry making has something for everyone – its easy to get started, you don’t need a lot of tools and inspiration is everywhere.

Beads East by Ann Benson
Terrific help for beaders.

Bead Inspirations
Beadinspirations, a full service bead shop! We sell gorgeous, high quality beads and findings. This is where I go to get bead supplies in Alameda, California.

Bob's Beading Tutorial
Illustrated tutorial pages dedicated to teaching the basic techniques of beading.

Brightlings Beads
At Brightings Beads we promise to bring you a wide spectrum of beads, in various shapes, colors and mediums, as well as a variety of jewelry making accessories, supplies and tools. Whether you're a reseller, an experienced artisan, a casual craftsperson, or a novice who is thinking about a project just for fun, our ever-growing inventory should have just what you need.

Fire Mountain Gems
America's favorite beads and beading supplies since 1973. Largest selection of beads and jewelry making supplies at wholesale prices.

Guide To Beadwork
A Beaded Jewelry Primer.

Healing Beadwork by Susan H. Aguirre
Healing Beadwork, by Rev. Susan H. Aguirre: galleries of my beadwork items, instructions, links, bookmarks, books.

Janet's Beadwork
Free brick stitch and loom patterns, a gallery, book reviews, and links.

Robyn's Bead Page
Tutorial with Projects. I love the beaded rocks.

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Some years ago I was interested in making Dream Catcher Earrings. I purchased some large hoops, had semi-precious gems stones on hand and determined to use dental floss to create the web of the Dream Catcher. I read a little bit about making them and when I felt I knew enough decided that I was ready to proceed.

As I neared the finish on each earring I was faced with the need to get rid of the tail of dental floss after I'd tied everything off. Weaving it back into the design just didn't work and after puzzling over it I came up with the brilliant idea of sizzling the end of it with my lighter.

Unfortunately, this particular maneuver required a really steady hand and complete control of hand-eye coordination because I ended up destroying several of the Dream Catchers before I learned just how much flame to apply to the end of the dental floss. Well, I still wasn't really good at it and as I neared the finishing touches of another Dream Catcher I began muttering under my breath, "Please work. Please, God, make this one work." Over and over again.

See, when you make a dream catcher you're supposed to say a prayer while you're making it. That's just part of the deal. And, here I was at a really critical point where any false move could very easily spell the end for yet another earring. Seth interrupted me and said, "I don't believe that's the sort of prayer they had in mind." Sheesh…another one down the tubes.
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