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Jewelry as an adornment is something that men and women have indulged in for as long as there have been pretty shells, stones, flowers and bits of wood. And, that's a long time. Nowadays, the jewelry you wear can be inexpensive or expensive. It can be a $6,000 diamond you wear on your finger or a $10 necklace. Why you wear either kind of jewelry is the same. You feel special. And, as an adornment it does not eclipse your own inner beauty, but instead, enhances it.

Additionally, you can wear jewelry for a variety of other reasons. You can wear it for the psychic or healing properties it presents or for the cause it has come to represent. A pink ribbon will readily be recognizable as support for the fight against breast cancer, a red ribbon for HIV and Aids patients,. A yellow ribbon stands for prisoners of war or for troops abroad at war, and a rainbow ribbon supports diversity. A piece of malachite invokes healing energies. Citrine guards against stomach distress. Wear jasper when you want to quit smoking. Or, wear a piece of jewelry just because it is pretty.

Giving your special someone a piece of jewelry is a very personal gift and can be perceived as a heartfelt demonstration of love. The diamond commercials would certainly have you believe it. And, I believe they are correct, though not all of us can afford to give a diamond we can all afford to demonstrate the depth of our love to our special someone.

All Info about Jewelry Making
Lots of resources here to speed you on your way making jewelry.

Fire Mountain Gems
This is an incredible source for beads and semi-precious stones. Ask them for a catalog and you'll spend hours with it. Lots of projects listed.

Ka Gold Jewelry
Gold and silver jewelry with deep meaning from different religions and concepts such as Tree of Life jewelry, New age Jewelry Egyptian, Jewish and Kabbalah Jewelry.
These gemstones are thought to enhance certain psychic abilities, increase the effectiveness of spells, or be useful to practitioners of magic and esoteric science.
Awaken your spirit with premium spiritual and sacred jewelry...Buddha, Om, Ganesh, Chakras, lovingly created and designed with healing semi-precious stones

Sacred Fires - Sacred and Contemporary Designs in Jewelry
Custom jewelry and hand-crafted jewelry in sterling silver and gold - with diamonds, birthstones, and other semi-precious stones.

Sananda Spiritual Center
Sananda's collection of gifts items with a Chakra theme. Chakra jewelry, chakra pendants, chakra pillows, chakra throws, and chakra tote bags.

Sobrirety Stones
More than simple adornment, jewelry gifts from Sobriety Stones have meaning, intent, or purpose.  They remind us of the good in men, in family, in fellowship, in each other, and in ourselves.  They help remind us and our loved ones that WE alone choose who we are today. And if perhaps we stumble, we get to choose AGAIN, each new day, one day at a time.

Ventana - Catalog
Ventana Window of Heaven Online Catalog features a heavenly collection of 14k gold, silver, and gemstone jewelry, including spiritual designs, celtic designs, Sasa jewelry designs, Jane Iris jewelry designs, and Andy Lakey jewelry designs.

2,300+ Free web pages of Wire & Beaded Jewelry Making Designs & Tips, Earring, Bracelet, Necklace, Ring & Other Designs. Make jewelry with wire & beads quickly, easily, and inexpensively with no soldering! View our WigJig Jewelry Tools, Beads, Wire & Supplies for Making Jewelry!

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Jesus is Watching You!

There was a burglar who broke into a home and started to gather the items he wanted to take. All of a sudden he heard, "Jesus is watching you!" He didn't see anything in the dark house, so he went on with what he was doing.

He heard, "Jesus is watching you!" again and then he really wondered who was saying that. He turned on the flashlight, scanned the room, and finally saw a parrot.

"Did you say that?" asked the burgler.

"Yes," replied the parrot.

"By the way, what's your name?" the burgler inquired."Moses," answered the parrot.

"That's a strange name for a parrot. Who named you that?"

"The same people who named their rotweiller Jesus!"
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Mama Cat watching the neighborhood

Mama Cat Watching the Neighborhood

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