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Resources and Links

Crystals & Stones

Over time I have collected quite a few stones. One of these days I'm going to gather them from the four corners of my house and just look at them all in one place. I know that I've spent a lot of money on them, more than I've ever spent on psychic readings, but they are beautiful and the psychic and healing properties associated with them fascinate me.

My first, number one favorite is moldavite. I've written a little bit about it below. I also have a lot of quartz and amethyst crystal. Rutilated quartz and rose quartz. Lapiz, blue for speakers and writers. Obsidian, just because it's beautiful. Citrine because my stomach bothers me on occasion. Jasper and malachite to help me through the throes of quitting smoking and bumpy health conditions. These are just a few of the stones I have.

Sometimes when I go to the Rock Shop here in Oakland I will only know that I want to mosey through the store. Helen, the owner of the store, is fabulous. Ask her a question and she's got a suggestion for a stone for you. But, as I wander about the store, utilizing a psychic principle, the stones I am drawn to are the ones I'm supposed to have. They aren't that expensive; sometimes $2 or maybe even $4. Sometimes, they are a bit more expensive like the moldavite.

What I like to do is to select one of the stones in the morning, put it in my pocket and during the course of the day fiddle with it. It helps to center me as I move through my normally busy and generally harried day at work. I can count on work being hectic. It's like working in an emergency room sometimes and having something as simple as a stone in my pocket to hold helps to settle me. Actually, I ought to do it more often. Probably more jasper.

I've collected a number of links to sites out there on the Internet here on these pages. They either sell stones and/or talk about them. It's an enjoyable hobby, collecting stones.

Over the past 35 years, I have gathered extensive knowledge about the ancient lore of gemstones & crystals and their uses in the society we live in today.

Avalon Crystals
A large variety of healing stones, crystals, gemstones, chakra stones, and other gemstone healing tools, learn from our crystal healing course, lots of helpful information.

Beyond the Rainbow - Crystals
We've been enjoying the companionship of the crystal kingdom since the mid-1980s and have been buying and selling crystals and teaching crystal classes since 1987. Here you'll find over 100 articles about crystals, including articles about individual crystals, the chakras, and both general and specific articles about crystal usage. This section also contains a crystal questionnaire, information about our email classes, and more.

Cape Cod Crystal Creations
Unique natural quartz crystal macrame decor. Plant hangers,fairies,fish bowls for betas,flower and rooter vases, handbeaded crystal valances,design your own!
At crystals and handmade jewelry are as individual as we are. When the time is right, you will be drawn to the right ones for you. Find the right handcrafted jewelry, crystals and stones, healing properties of stones, crystal grids, and more for you at

Crystal Galleries
Crystal Galleries Ltd, purveyor of fine mineral specimens, Rene Lalique Glass, fossels and sea shells is located in the heart of the Boulder Colorado Mall.

Crystal Links
Ellie Crystal's informative site.

Exquisite Crystals
On line shop of exquisite Healing Crystals and Minerals. Provides links to metaphysical and alternative healing therapies. On line since 1999!

Gem Mountain - Gemstone Mine
Gem Mountain Gemstone Mine offers Gem Mining, Gem Stone Mining at a family North Carolina Attraction in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Lots of fun - Online store.

Click each gem to learn about its healing properties. Roll over the gemstone picture to see its name.

Gemstone Gifts
I make custom chakra jewelry, healing crystal gem stone jewelry, amulets, talisman, pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces for Chakra balancing, crystal energy healing, spiritual healing gifts, metaphysical, inspirational, and spiritual jewelry gifts ALL made bases on the ancient meanings of gem stones.

Glimmer Dream
Terrific resource for a great collection of stones. Lots of information.

Greenlee's Forest Hand Crafted Jewelry
The Metaphysical Properties & Meanings of Stones, both semi precious and precious~a listing of the traditional definitions and properties of stones!

Jim Coleman Crystals
A pretty incredible source of crystals. Fantastic prices and good service.

Mineral Miners
Moldavite specimens at your on-line link direct to the tektite strewn fields for natural green moldavite (tektite) pieces of superior transparency and with fine quality surface features.

Gemstone Meanings, Healing Properties, Meanings of Colors, Description of Gemstones, Stone Definitions, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, healing stones.

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I'd like to speak about a stone called Moldavite. This is a space stone, from meteorites that hurtled through Earth's atmosphere, burned and turned to green glass. Chunks that people dig up out of the potato fields in Czechoslovakia.

Some people tend to scoff at its properties. All I know is I wanted to learn how to channel. This stone was recommended to me as both a stone to propel a person upon their spiritual path and also as a way to assist in opening the channeling pathways. I'd never been sensitive to stones. In fact, I was about as sensitive as a doornail. But, I could feel the vibrations from these stones. So, that gave me hope. I bought a lot of them. They are expensive, but cost was no object if I was going to learn how to channel. For the ones you see in the picture, about the size of my thumbnail, you'd spend about $12 to $15. Like I said, expensive. I'd hold them while I meditated. I'd put some in my pockets. I'd put them in a pouch I'd wear hanging from my neck.

I knew a lady once who the first time she wore her moldavite to bed in a bag around her neck awakened from dreams where she said she'd had four, count them, four orgasms during the course of the night. Yikes. That in itself was enough to make the stone very popular with my co-workers. Some people are more sensitive than others. All I know is it helped me to learn how to channel and when I'm recommending stones, I always recommend this one first.

This is a stone to use to open the heart and third eye chakras.
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