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Vie Dunn-Haar

Talking To Spirit  
Lady Skye Fyre's Channeled Psychic Readings

Resources and Links


Anthony Holdsworth
Awash with joyous color and feeling these paintings will blow you away. Do have a look at his work. You can see more of Anthony's work at

Bill and Traci Rabbit
The official site of Bill and Traci Rabbit, Rabbit Studios, beautiful indian art, gilee's, gift items, limited editions and signed prints.

Herbert Stam - The Storytelling Draughtsman
Herbert, a channel in the Netherlands, creates wonderful art from the visions he sees.

Native American Art Links
An extensive collection of links to Native American Art.

Paint Dancing
Paint Dancing is a new craze created solely for the purpose of openly expressing yourself for fun in 2 different mediums - AT ONCE!

Salvador Dali Art Gallery
High-quality images of Salvador Dali's paintings, drawings, and objects. Featuring a biography, photo album, essays, poster shop, life and art, book store.

Silver Shades of Grey
I create spiritual drawings that can help you finding inner peace and comfort. Just look at the art for a couple of minutes, and you will already feel the difference.
Promotes spiritual-artists: photography, paintings, drawings, videoart and webart.

The Path of the White Rose
Eileen Smith is a Intuitive Healer, bodyworker as well as the artist behind the visionary, spiritual art of SpiritArt, and the fantasy based White Falcon Arts, a internationally recognized inspirational fantasy and healing art artist whose work hangs in the homes of art collectors and the offices of healers and seekers around the planet.

Vie Dunn-Haar
Vie Dunn-Harr, Painter. Born in San Antonio, Texas (USA) in 1953. Dunn-Harr found her artistic expression slowly, yet deliberately, and continues to explore the many possibilities in the arts. She studied in Florence, Italy at the Lorenzo de Medici Instituto de Arte and at the Toblach-Dobbiaco Academia Italia. She derived much of her early experience from the traditional school and continues to embrace formalism. Her works are organic forms rooted in architectural elements. The forms are sensuous and portray the force and fragility of nature. Dunn-Harr considers herself a contemporary realist and has exhibited in the USA, Europe and Mexico.

Visions of the Ascended Masters by Kinsley Jarrett
Click on each name for a channeled portrait of the artist.

World Wide Arts Resources
The art history index of famous artists leads to imagery and indepth information such as biographies to over 22,000 artists. Over 200,000 images from museums are directly accessible via this wealth of art historical information database. Direct links to images in museum collections, links to indepth art news, general links as well as the best collection of search engine results have been compiled for over 22,000 artists.

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