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Resources and Links


The nice thing about having your own website is that you are the one who decides what's going to go on it. And, I decided to have a resource page about blogs. The reason why is that I know a lot of people who look at me real funny when I tell them I have several. First of all, they don't know what a blog is and how it is any different from any other place on the internet.

I try to explain that a blog is a personal website. They started calling them weblogs and the word morphed to blogs. A blog has one page that either keeps growing and getting longer as the person adds stuff to their blog or gets archived and gets filed away. The person, or people if more than one has the blog, make entries that are added at the top of the page.

The people I'm telling about what a blog is then want to know, "Well, what do they write about?" I tell them folks write about anything they want to write about. They can write about current events, they can write about their hobbies. People can write about their families. They can write about anything. And, the folks I'm talking to say, "Oh, I could never do that." And, I say, "Why not?" I say, "You are the perfect person to write a blog." If you've got a hobby that you love to do I can guarantee that there are people out there who want to know how to do whatever it is that you are doing.

I've ended up with 6 blogs.

The Spirit Moved Me and Look What Happened - Psychic and spiritual matters
Learn to Channel - I teach folks to channel
Where the Psychic Vents - When I'm in a bad mood
Where I Read Books - Reviews of books I read
Where I Bead - Pictures and talking about the different beading projects I do.
One Spanish Word a Day - Where I'm trying to learn Spanish

Scroll through my blogs on the reader below to see the latest entries, or go to the "Menu" on the reader to select one of the blogs.

I think the biggest fear anybody has about creating a blog is that they might think they aren't smart enough. Hey, like the advice they have for writers would likely apply here: Write what you know about. Everybody on the face of the earth, of an adult age anyway, knows about something. You know about your family. You know about your school. You know about your work.

One of my favorite blogs is by Millie Garfield (a lady who is not afraid to use her own name). She's 82 years old. The blog is called My Mom's Blog. Her son set it up for her and she learned how to blog. If you need some inspiration do check out her blog. She's phenomenal.

There is one rule that I hold to and that is I do not talk about my work. I don't talk about the folks I work with. I don't talk about what I do. I've only let slip that I've worked there a very, very long time and that I am sometimes a mean secretary. I will allow as how I've had a rough day occasionally, but beyond that? My lips are zipped. And the reason why is that I don't want to embarrass anybody. I also don't want to get fired, but I really don't think they'd fire me for the blogs I have. I don't do porn and I don't strip or do anything illegal. I just talk to dead people. Hey, what's wrong with that?

Anyway, that's one of my own rules. I also don't belittle anybody, other than rotten drivers, but I also try to look at that philosophically by saying my higher self wouldn't have exposed me to them if there hadn't been something I could learn.

Another rule is that you shouldn't use your own name, or the real names of folks in your life. People do it, but I don't usually. Make up an internet persona name for everybody. I'm Lady Skye Fyre. My husband is DeeDude. I read one blog where the lady calls her husband The Bearded Eye Roller. Another lady calls her husband The Man. And, don't be putting your phone number and your address out there either. It's one thing if you're going to be doing business on the internet, but for personal stuff? No.

My blogs all use Blogger. You can sign up for free at You'll pick out a blog name that will be something like And, you start writing. You can post pictures. You can link to other sites. Use the spellchecker to check your spelling before you post. And, once something is posted you can change it 15 times if you want to or you can delete the whole thing. All you need is a connection to the internet and a computer. That's it. And, something to say.

I even have a blog that I use only for testing things. I told Blogger that it is a private blog and should not be shared with the world. It's only for me to try stuff out. And, for that matter you could have your blog be private for awhile or only open to members of your family until you feel okay with the blog. Or, if you find that you start having fun with it you could start inviting members of your family to write on the blog too. My sister and I have one set up for her mosaics. She hasn't done much with yet, but I'm there to encourage her and to get in the way. Just so she doesn't feel alone with it. Once it's off the ground I'll step aside and let her do whatever she wants to do.

After awhile if you really like what you're doing maybe you'd like to get your own domain name. You can still use Blogger as your blogging software, but you'll just have your own name which might be without the blogspot designation.

There are other avenues open to you if you want to blog. The only one I can really address with any authority is Blogger. But, there is Wordpress and Typepad. There are probably others that I don't even know about.

Another interesting thing about blogs is that people can leave comments for you. And, others reading your blog can read the comments too. And, the folks leaving those comments for you can also leave a link to their site. It's just a neat way to meet other folks. And, of course, if you find a comment inappropriate or offensive you can always take it off. You can decide whether people can just leave comments or if you need to read them first before the world gets to see them. There are just all sorts of safeguards in place for you.

If you like somebody's blog you can add them to your list of blogs that you read. I use BlogRoll to help me keep track of the blogs I read. In fact, I've got different categories set up: Beading, Writing, Books and Reading, My all purpose list, My sites, my husband's sites. There's no limit and did I mention it was all free? You put a bit of html code wherever you want the list to show up. Hey, I've got these lists all over the place…this page too. And, maybe the folks you list on your blogroll might list you on their list of blogs. It's how we network.

So, somebody is reading your blog and they get a little tired. So, they start looking at all the neato stuff you've put in the margins and are drawn to somebody in your blog roll. They're off reading them too.

I think a fabulous way to get to know how to write a blog is to start by reading other people's blogs. There are lots of blog directories out there. Or, just go to Google and type in whatever you are interested in and then the word blog. Crochet blog. Art blog. Cooking blog. Yoga blog.

The main reason to have a blog? Because it is fun.
Free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP. They've even got a plug in tool for folks using Word. Easy! Write your entry and at the top of your screen hit the publish button. Waaavvvooooom. It's live and it's now posted on your blog. I just love it. And, did I say it was free?

Blog Explosion
Boost the number of folks reading your blog. For every 2 blogs you read your blog gets read once. Meet lots of terrific folks and read a lot of high quality blogs. It's how I started. Win mystery credits too!

Extension 337: So you wanna start a blog?
Great article with lots of links for those just starting out.

How to Set up a Blog from
As always, one of my favorites has lots of info. Check out what has to say about starting your own blog.

How to Start a Blog - WikiHow
Anyone can start a blog...It's straight-forward and, in a lot of cases, free! ... If popular enough, your blog could start to pay your bills!

Learn Spanish With Me
My own blog. This is where I invite everybody to join me as I learn one Spanish word a day. It isn't dry.

Learn to Channel
Another one of my blogs. This one focuses in on helping people who are learning to channel. Tips, tricks, helpful advice and encouragement.

Phil Windley's Technometria - How to Start a Blog
From time to time I have people ask me how to start a blog. So, I decided to write it up here so I could just point to a reference rather than making it up ...

Simple and Free Ways to Start a Blog
It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to start a blog and it is easier ... Once you have chosen your free blog host you can start blogging straight away.

The “How To Start a Blog” Series
Tips and Suggestions for Launching a Successful Blog.

The Spirit Moved Me and Look What Happened
Hey, it's my links page…I'll put my own blog in! What can I say...I have no shame. Anyway, I haven't been doing it that long, but it is fun. It's a let down your hair look at the psychic. Sometimes I test out new material for Talking To Spirit. Sometimes I just gotta channel or bust and so, the guides are there too. Thanks for visiting.

Where the Psychic Vents
Another one of my blogs. This is where I blow of steam. Not the upstanding, polite and well-behaved lady I am in my other blogs. Wicked.

Working Smart - How to Start a Blog
How to Start Your Blog.

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So God made him 100 times smarter.

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