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Resources and Links

Solar Living and Alternative Energies

Knowing and being interested in solar and alternative energy is actually a major step forward in helping the people of our Earth to begin the transition from polluting and destroying our planet to a position of gardener and caretaker. Learning about alternative forms of energy and eventually implementing them in our lives can take us to a place where we know in our hearts that future generations and even ourselves as we reincarnate hundreds of years in the future back to lives on this planet that our Earth will still be a good place to live.

It isn't like we can move because we don't like the neighborhood anymore.

Read a little bit. Learn a little bit.

California Solar Center
Solar news and information for California.

Eco Business Links
Lots of links for solar plans

Our Cool House
Phil and Lisa Malone's Cool House project. Our adventure in Not So Big, earth-sheltered, energy-efficient, passive solar living.

Real Goods: California Residential Solar Site
Shopping for a healthy home & planet - energy efficiency, non-toxic & environmental products for sustainable living, organic apparel & educational solar gifts - since 1978.

Solar Components Corporation
Solar Components Corporation offers a diverse range of products which include passive solar heating, greenhouses, greenhouse glazing, aquaculture tanks, many of which are ideal for the do-it-yourselfer.

Solar Cooking Plans
Information, pictures, links and many plans for building different kinds of solar ovens.

Solar Living Institute
A non-profit organization dedicated to inspirational, environmental education at the Solar Living Center featuring workshops & interactive demonstrations in renewable energy and sustainable technologies.

Solar Living Source Book
The Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook-12th Edition is the ultimate resource on renewable energy, sustainable living, alternative construction, green building, homesteading, off-the-grid living and alternative transportation, written by experts with decades of personal experience and a passion for sharing their knowledge.

Solar Oven Society
The Solar Oven Society exists to promote solar cooking to the American public and to provide a way to partner with the over 2 billion people worldwide who lack adequate fuel for cooking their food.
Solar Energy, Wind & Alternative Power - PV electrical generation, water & swimming pool heating, photovoltaics, collectors, controls, batteries, inverters and complete solar systems. Products & services for residential, commercial and industrial systems.

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The Pious Man and the Atheist

A very religious man lived right next door to an atheist. While the religious one prayed day in, day out, and was constantly on his knees in communion with his Lord, the atheist never even looked twice at a church.

However, the atheist's life was good, he had a well-paying job and a beautiful wife, and his children were healthy and good-natured, whereas the pious man's job was strenuous and his wages were low, his wife was getting fatter every day and his kids wouldn't give him the time of the day.So one day, deep in prayer as usual, the pious man raised his eyes towards heaven and asked: "Oh God, I honor you every day, I ask your advice for every problem and confess to you my every sin. Yet my neighbor, who doesn't even believe in you and certainly never prays, seems blessed with every happiness, while I go poor and suffer many an indignity. Why is this?"

And a great voice was heard from above...

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What Fun - a Rug!

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