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Resources and Links

Spiritual Retreats

Going on a spiritual retreat is a directed and focused way to jump start a spiritual quest that has either hit a rut or a bump in the road. Going to a place that specializes in spiritual questing or on alternative forms of healing allows you to be totally there for a short period of time as opposed to dipping in and out of the quest while you are in the guise of normal, everyday regular living. With normal living you have a job to go to where you need to act in a fashion that allows you to do a job. Our jobs, typically, do not allow us time to meditate, or pray, or ponder spiritual matters.

So, the opportunity to go to a place that caters to your needs both of the body and of the soul while you delve more deeply into your spiritual nature is a pretty good deal. One weekend, even if it is every couple of years, can get you back on track again. I know that you can set aside the time on a weekend to do spiritual questing, but I know, personally, how hard it can be to also ignore the fact that you've got laundry to do, the checkbook to balance, shopping to do and family to take care of.

And, going to Disneyland or Las Vegas isn't necessarily the answer either. Go on a spiritual quest.

I've listed folks here who advertise peace and serenity and the opportunity for you to do something important for yourself.

Awakening in Paradise - Transformational Retreats
Offers a variety of programs designed to fit what you are looking for in a retreat or vacation get-a-way. We are known for our spiritually-based personal growth retreats.

The Expanding Light
A yoga and meditation retreat center in California's Sierra Nevada foothills. Organized programs, flexible private retreats, including teacher training courses.

Journeys of the Spirit
Spiritual retreats and journeys to exquisite sacred sites! Womens retreats too! FREE Newsletter and tele-classes! Open your heart and mind with spiritual journeys and retreats.

Mountain Valley Center
Unique Gifts and Services for Well Being Energy & Sound Healing, Crystals, Chakras, singing bowls, fountains, Labyrinths Gifts, Park, Cottage Rentals, Feng Shui, Energy SourceBook Workshops, On-line classes.

San Damiano
Located near Danville in Northern California San Damiano is a place of restorative powers, nestled among 55 acres of wooded hills. We offer guests of all faiths and backgrounds a serene environment of great natural beauty, a place where the Spirit may seek clarity and renewal without distraction.

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