A Nice Green Bean Salad - 9/25/04

Cook up a mess of green beans. They'll only take about 10 minutes to cook once you've cut them nice and put them into your pot. Cover and don't peek. Once they're done either toss them into a bowl of cold water or run water from the tap over them. Either way you want them to stop cooking. Save a bit of the water they cooked in.

Pour over them a little vinegar - about 2 or 3 tablespoons. Doesn't matter what kind you use, though your channel is partial to Maruken Goumet Vinegar. Now, add a little oil. Just about 2 or 3 tablespoons, same as you did the vinegar. Pour a little of your green bean stock in too until it's dressed real nice. Mince up some onion real fine and toss that in. Hard boil up 2 eggs and add them too. You can dice the egg or you can slice them into rings. If you've got a couple of strips of bacon, that tastes good too. Just crumble it up pretty fine. Season first with salt and pepper and then as the mood strikes you with other spices, seasonings or herbs. These might include parsley, cheveril, dill or Beaumont. If you've used an ordinary vinegar you might be inclined to sprinkle in a little sugar. Taste to see if the salad suits you. The longer it sets around before your dinner the better it will be. My mama used to make it for us for after church on Sundays.

Lady Skye Fyre

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