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Talking To Spirit  
Lady Skye Fyre's Channeled Psychic Readings

Talking About Shamanic Journeys

Channeled Information

I was with a group of people and we were going to go on a Shamanic Journey. Iíd actually already tried to go on years before when Iíd read portions of Michael Harnerís book, ď The Way of the Shaman Ē (which I heartily recommend!) At the time, I hadnít had too much luck with it. Not from anything Michael Harner said or didnít say in his book, but just because Iím a slow learner (remember, Iíd only read portions of the book). Iíve come to recognize as time goes by that I seem to learn things in my own time.

I already knew drumming was the vehicle of movement, so I wasnít surprised when a guy sat near where the speaker stood and beat rhythmically on a drum. It was one of those large tub like drums that a person sits and holds steady between their legs. The journey we went on lasted about 15 minutes which is probably all youíd want it to last if you were to go on one on your own. Iíd purchased a Shamanic drumming tape which has slow drumming on one side and fast drumming on the other. I actually canít really remember how the drumming was with our group. I do remember it taking me away, though. As a vehicle for moving into a meditative state I declare drumming to be way up there.

I personally had some misgivings about how effective this particular exercise was going to be. I tend to be uncomfortable in large groups and I am especially not comfortable moving into meditative states with others, much less by myself . But, I was willing to give it a try.

The group leader provided us with our direction. And, as the drumming proceeded each person closed their eyes and went on their own journeys. Afterward we spoke of our experiences. The directions for a Shamanic Journey are very nearly the same as you use when you want to meet your guide.

I suppose you need to have a reason for going on a Shamanic Journey in the first place. A general reason is that you intend to meet with your guide or with a Shaman with the intention of asking them a question about something that has been bothering you. Or just to ask for some bit of advice. But, you go in with a question in mind.

Iím getting some help from the guides now and am not as adept as Iíd like to be walking and chewing gum at the same time here, so since this is a joint effort anyway, Iíll just hand off to them and channel for a bit.

Welcome. We are pleased to be here. My name is Erasmus. I am your Shaman, if you will for the afternoon. Pauline, your Lady Skye Fyre, has not spoken with me afore this, so I am as new to her as I am to you. We speak of Shamanic Journey. This is a tradition of reaching into the knowledge of the past, of the people who inhabit the past as teachers, as sorcerers, as mentors and asking for their help with a problem you might be having. The same results might be obtained with prayer. Pray your prayer and wait for an answer. Also, called Focusing as a technique used by psychotherapists now, with your own body as the Shaman involved. In any case, knowledge is universal and available to all.

1. You trust you will be speaking to a guide either known to you or to one which you trust implicitly to have your own best interests at heart.

2. You have a question at hand and have mulled over this issue for awhile prior to beginning the journey, much as you do when you seek answers from the dream state. Go over your question prior to going to sleep so that you donít ďforgetĒ it when the time is right.

3. You already have some experience with meditation and do not become overly alarmed when things ďappearĒ to you during the course of your meditations. I can not recommend a specific period of time for experience, only that you do not get too excited.

Begin the journey by first listening to the sound of a drum rhythmically beating near you. Let the sound wash you away. When you feel you are ready begin the journey by picturing yourself walking on a path. The path can be dirt, gravel, paved or a simple trail. It does not matter. It matters only that you are walking on your path. The goal is to move toward a cave that is set high upon a hill in the distance. You move toward this cave. You might encounter obstacles to delay your journey. Use your initiative in getting past them. Blast them. Move them. Walk around them. Climb over them. Whatever. Move past any obstacles in your path.

Once you arrive at the cave go inside. Look around (if you need a light please produce one Ė magically, eh? Just reach in your pocket for a flashlight or a lantern from behind a outcropping of rock.) What you are looking for is a hole in the floor or in the wall of the cave. You are going to dive into this hole much like little Alice did and slide down and down and down until you arrive. Once you have stopped your descent you will be joined by either a person, a thing or an animal. Or, all three.

It does not matter really what your current belief system is. What matters is that you have embarked on a journey into the collective unconscious of the universe where reality is not quite what you are accustomed to. You are seeking answers to questions in areas thought afore this to be accessible by only those who have trained or apprenticed themselves for many years. It is possible to come away from such an encounter with what might be termed the wrong impressions or a conclusion based upon information misinterpreted. This is very like drawing the death card in a tarot reading. The death card does not commonly in todayís readings represent death but instead a difficult change or rebirthing process which is to come.

When you meet your guides be polite, for you are not dreaming and are indeed in the presence of a teacher. Ask them your question and wait patiently for an answer. The answer might be given to you in your own tongue or it might be given to you in a written fashion or even in a symbolic fashion. When you are finished you can say thank you and know that when you open your eyes you will return to your body and be refreshed. Bon Voyage.

Thank you. Pauline back again. For years Iíve been going back and forth between channeling what the guides want to talk about and then back to what I want to talk about. Iíve actually never really hit upon a graceful way to say, ďIím Baaack!!!Ē

My own Shamanic Journey was a bit different than what the guides talked about above. My first one was extremely short due to the fact that I was pretty surprised by what happened. I never did go on a walk, but sort of did an OBE out of my front door and from my porch went in search of a hole to dive into. Nearest hole was at the corner across the street from where I live in a drainage ditch. How classy. Anyway, there I went and as soon as Iíd dived into the hole I jerked back to my consciousness and didnít try it again for years.

The second journey was with the group of people Iíd talked about before. And, I really had my doubts as to what, if anything, was going to happen. I neednít have worried. Guides are there to help in whatever way you will allow them to helpÖ.So, there I am, eyes closed, drifting on the sounds of the drum, trying to achieve a meditative state and from there on to my path. Bingo, first deviation from the teacherís instructions and I find my guide walking beside me. I said, ďWhat are you doing here? I thought I was supposed to meet you up at the cave?Ē He said he just wanted to ensure that I was on the right path and comfortable with it. He said heíd meet me at the cave in a little bit. When he pointed I saw where I was going. What can I say? Iíve got a lousy sense of direction sometimes.

He disappeared from my side and a few seconds later I was up at the cave and went inside. Seth appeared beside me again and showed me where there was a large hole in the side of the cave. It was about 3 feet tall. I sat down on the floor of the cave with my legs hanging out into this hole. It was like a steep slide on the other side. I knew that I was supposed to whoosh down this slide. Did you ever have the problem as a kid that your legs would stick on the school slides? That used to happen to me. Itís what happened to me in the cave. I sort of pushed off with my hands, slid about 2 feet and skidded to a stop. I did it twice, I think and was despairing of ever getting to go on a Shamanic Journey. Seth sat down behind me just as youíd have 2 kids go down a slide together and he helped me go down that danged slide. I got a bit of a whooshing sensation. Not much. But, I experienced a bit of the sensation. Mind, youíre talking to the willy of all psychic channels. I donít even like windy roads. In any case, it wasnít as long a slide down as I thought it would be.

We slid out into the most beautiful underground lake youíd hope ever to see. The surface of the water was smooth as glass. I was so surprised. I faced Seth and said, ďI can even touch the bottom with my feet!Ē He reached out and with his hand pushed my head under the surface of the waterÖBingo, deep lake. Iím thrashing around under water thinking bad thoughts about my guide for having pushed me under water when he turns into an incredibly large sea tortoise. I forget Iím mad at him as he swims under me. I grab hold of his shell and he starts towing me around underwater.

We reach the edge of the lake where he turns back into his human self and stays beside me as we get out of the water. Before us is another cave. I can see a large opening into a beautiful valley. I can see green grass and blue sky. Silhouetted in front of this beautiful view was the tallest, handsomest Indian Iíd ever hope to see. He had a deerís head with antlers on it. I think they call it a head dress. Beside him stood a fawn. I reached out toward the fawn and then, asked him, ďCan I touch it?Ē. He nodded. When I touched the baby I was back in my body again. I had recently read Rosemary Alteaís book, " The Eagle and the Rose " and I believe her guide, Grey Eagle was a part of my Shamanic Journey. I wasnít too surprised by that because Iíve had contact with lots of guides over the years. It was just neat that he was with me too. I never did formulate a question to ask like youíre supposed to do. I just wanted to go on the journey. I donít think I could ever hope to have a more special journey than that one.

An Important Tip for Learning How to Channel
  • Moving to a place where you can speak with Folk in Spirit can sometimes seem to be a very difficult thing, and yet, it is on the Wings of Pretend that it happens. Use your imagination.
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