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Talking To Spirit  
Lady Skye Fyre's Channeled Psychic Readings

How the Guides Helped me to Find Lost Slippers

We’d returned from our 25th wedding anniversary trip to the Mendocino area in Northern California. We’d stayed at The Little River Inn 2 miles south of Mendocino and had a delightful time. (You can have a look at their website at The Little River Inn But, a few days after we’d returned home I couldn’t find my slippers. Now, these were special slippers, clogs bought at the same time Dennis had gotten a pair to help him with his plantars facsiatis. I have the problem too. It’s the tendon at the bottom of your foot. It’s attached at the heel and runs along the sole of your foot. Unfortunately, it can begin to tear away from the heel and that’s when it gets to be painful. In my husband’s case it was a sports injury caused, we think, by all the running he used to do. In my case, it happened because I am overweight and in the time it took me to run the length of 3 houses it tore. It also hurts a great deal, especially in the morning just after you’ve gotten out of bed.

Part of the regime of taking care of yourself when you have Plantars Facsictis is that you wear shoes all the time. You need that support under your arch. So, no more going about barefoot in the house. My husband’s doctor advised him to get a pair of clogs to wear in the house. My feet don’t hurt as badly as they once did, but I also have personal experience that it takes a very long time for the condition to subside; in my case it was over a year of ice, stretching and ibuprophen. So, I paid a great deal of attention to the fact that I’d begun to feel a twinging from the tendon in my left foot as I walked about barefoot in my house. Not good. That’s why I got a pair of clogs too. So, when I couldn’t find them after we’d returned from our trip I was a bit upset. Brand new and I was ticked off at myself for having lost them. $40 to buy another pair and there was no question but I was going to have to buy another pair of them. They’d been lost about 3 days, I suppose and I had turned the house upside down looking for them. When I realized we’d also left some of those plastic tubular hangers at the Inn, it didn’t take much for me to come to the realization that I’d, more than likely, left the clogs there too. It didn’t matter that I could have sworn I’d worn them since we had returned; my memory sometimes isn’t the steel trap it used to be. So, I figured I’d left them there and rather than ask anyone to look for them and return them to me I just decided I was going to have to buy a new pair.

Hmmm. Not long after I’d made this decision I was getting dressed in our bathroom. Seth said to me, “If you look in the clothes hamper you will find your slippers.” Now, the clarity of this channeling was pretty neat. I was surprised since when I lose something and ask Spirit to help me what I am accustomed to hearing is, “Look up.” Right. Like that helps much. So, I laughed and told my husband what Seth had just said. I didn’t really have much hope that the slippers were in the clothes hamper, I was just sort of startled that he’d have said something that clear to me. After I was dressed I decided to have that look in the clothes hamper. I hadn’t really planned on doing any laundry, being as how it’s not one of my favorite things to do and I will put it off whenever I can. But, hey, who am I not to honor help from Spirit? So, I started pulling clothes out of the hamper and throwing them into the laundry basket. About 3 shirts, a pair of pants and various undergarments into this archeological dig I saw one of the slippers. Even I who am accustomed to channeling, who have channeled since 1993 felt chill bumps run up and down my back. I hollered to my husband laughing gleefully that I’d finally gotten some channeling of note. Now, don’t get me wrong. We talk all the time. But, it’s not usually substantial stuff like where to find a lost object. I could analyze this to death and figure that at some point in time I “gave up” on finding the slippers. And, that is a key point in the process of manifestation. That you have to want and want and visualize whatever it is that you want and then you have to just walk away from it. And, then whatever it is that you wanted happens.

I could say that finally the stars and the moon are in alignment and I’m getting good information. But, I always got good information from Seth and the others. I just don’t know. Anyhow, for whatever reason it happened I’m grateful to both have my slippers again and to have gotten a thumbs up from Spirit as to verifiable accuracy of channeled information.

Saint Anthony is evidently the saint to call upon when you need help finding things. I first read about it in, "Cell" by Stephen King. Fascinated, I asked my husband and he said, "Oh, yeah! Everybody knows that." Though, I didn't

St. Anthony, St. Anthony. Please come around.
Something is lost and cannot be found."

I haven't tried this personally, but I think it's rather cool. I enjoy involving the saints in our everyday business and asking somebody for help and actually finding something would be really wonderful.

Here are some links that I've come across for sites that talk about St. Anthony in more depth.

The Lucky "W" Amulet Archive
Saint Anthony, Catholic patron saint of lost things.

St. Anthony Shrine
Learn how to make a Saint Anthony novena, including words to the novena to St. Anthony and prayers to St. Anthony for lost articles.

Catholic Community Forum
Lots of information about St. Anthony

From the Franciscans
More Prayers to St. Anthony for more than just things that are lost.

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