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Talking To Spirit - Picture Board

As time has gone by, it's occurred to me that the Spirit Picture Board can be modified and customized to suit the individual. Being as how I'm a large woman, it occurred to me that we might have a dieting board and could ask Folk in Spirit for assistance with what to eat next. Not like I'm really going to do it, but it was a fanciful thought. Diehard dieters will try anything.

My neighbor Tina, however, has asked me to make her a board with movie stars who've passed on. We sat here and compiled a list of some 37 stars, including Trigger. I have not yet embarked upon the construction of this board, but look forward to doing it. I won't post it here due to probable infringement on copyrights on the pictures involved. But, the idea is there for you to fiddle with. Sort of like a Spirit Board Switchboard.

One of the, I don't want to say problems, but might instead refer to it as an interesting effect, especially in the early days of using a Spirit Board is that you really aren't sure you're talking to who you think you're talking to. You just have to take it on faith. And, the early attempts at contact can be alternately hilarious and, sometimes, disturbing. Trust that you're new enough at it to not yet have acquired the psychic muscles to have everybody in Spirit Land take you seriously. In other words, they will jerk you around.

But, if you had the Movie Star Spirit Picture Board in hand and could point to a personality in particular...well, then, I think that's half the battle won, myself. At least you don't have to sit there expending 90% of your energy wondering if you're really talking to Elvis and can instead coax him to tell you a right good story never before revealed to mankind. (Somebody in Spirit (they just said point to Elvis) said, "That's laying it on a bit thick, isn't it?)

Please use this responsibly and don't take any stock tips.

How to Contact Spirits, Angles and Departed Loved Ones - Steve Murray

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Talking To Spirit Picture Board E-Book

This is ONLY for Adults.
Click on the picture to the right to see the Spirit Board and instructions. This is a PDF File.

The Spirit Board is a tool to be used to contact your Spirit Guide and is NOT a toy.
Talking To Spirit - Picture Board PDF File

STOP. Do not read farther than this point if you are being treated for a psychiatric condition. No if's, and's or but's about it. STOP.

This is not a toy. You can use this Picture Board as a tool to begin to channel. It took a long time for me, but perhaps you will learn faster. It was 6 months from the time I first attempted using the board to the time when it finally worked. About 10 days after the planchette started to move I began anticipating what was going to be said on the board and then rapidly moved into hearing my guide's voice. Eventually that shifted to a more telepathic sort of communication, which is what I do now.

I've made a board that includes pictures. It occurred to me that for somebody who is new to using a Ouija Board, especially if that person is using it by themselves, the energy and effort involved in laboriously spelling out a word might be more easily used to just point to a picture. Now, directions for using the board above: You can click on the picture to get the full sized board as a PDF file and print it in black and white or in color to an 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of paper. Ask that you speak to your guide...nobody else. When you're good at it you can talk to Elvis and John Lennon and your Aunt Martha, but in the beginning talk to your guide. Use something simple like a ring or a pretty stone for your planchette. Or, instead of printing it out you could just use it on your screen and use your mouse as the planchette. Easy...peasy.

Also, you could ask your guide to smile and they might dance the planchette for you. Have fun and please, don't use this for really important decisions. This is a tool to connect to Spirit. They are under no obligation to tell the truth. So, do this all tongue in cheek. With your solid commitment, with the time and energy you invest in the relationship and all that you will learn I'm sure you'll be satisfied. But, nobody, as far as I can tell ever got any winning lottery numbers this way.

Just to let you know, too, that it took me about 3 years of getting my head together before I even made the attempt to use a Ouija Board. Now, I'm not saying that it will take you as long as it took me. I was probably the world's worst student, but once I made a connection with Spirit using the Ouija Board there was no turning back.

So, were there any physical changes that took place? Yes. About a year before I started channeling I'd get stabbing headaches on one side of my head. For a while I worried there might be something wrong. But, as soon as I started channeling the stabbing headaches stopped. Also, my ears rang for a solid year and it really got intense right before I started channeling. Once again, the ringing stopped after I made the connection. I was real sensitive to noises right before. The humming of the refrigerator like to drove me nuts. The air filter in the fish tank was a real drag. I was real irritable right before I made contact, too. Sort of like PMS. I've actually never heard of anybody else getting the headaches or the ringing in their ears and it wasn't until a good stretch of time had gone by after I'd started channeling that I realized I wasn't in so much pain anymore. Did it stop because I started channeling? I can only think so.

If I had already been accustomed to meditating I think I might have had an easier time of it. But, I didn't…like I said world's worst student. So, meditate already.

Don't be alarmed if you don't get good action on the board right away. Remember, you're talking to a lady who had it take 6 months to work. With the first movement on the board Seth spelled out his name and said, yes, he was my guide. After that it was just a bunch of gobbledygook that didn't make sense. The next day we did some more and it was a little better. And, the day after that it was even better. What, at the time I considered to be aimless meandering back and forth across the board, was actually good practice. Hand eye coordination, I suppose. This is just something that you've got to get used to and it takes practice and it takes time.

An exercise you can do after you've made contact and the planchette actually begins to move is something that I used to do when I was new at channeling verbally. You get your guide to tell you a story that you already know…or something as simple as a nursery rhyme.

Jack and Jill went up the hill to get a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill went tumbling after.

Easy. And, it's an exercise. This isn't the untold secrets from Heaven. This is you learning how to use a Picture Board. This is you learning how to channel. This little rhyme is 25 words. It's 122 individual characters and, believe me, it will take awhile to get it finished on the Picture Board. You'll learn what happens between words. Your guide will show you. Seth had a couple of different techniques. At the end of each word the planchette would drift down and circle at the bottom of the board, away from the letters. After awhile it didn't matter to me and he didn't have to stop between words. Also, what do you do when you've got a double letter in a word…like "letter"? You'll see how the planchette will likely bounce away and then veer back to circle or rest on the letter again. So, just different things that happen and different styles between the guides you talk to. Some might have a very direct and straightforward movement and some might dance around the board in swirling movements.

Oh, by the way…I used to shake in the beginning. My arms would vibrate. But, that passed too as I got used to things. It didn't last very long. There's a lot of energy coursing through your body when you channel. You just have to figure on needing time to adjust to it.

Also, if it happens that you get curse words or inappropriate remarks coming in? Haul it all back and consider that it might not be time for you to learn just yet. You did NOT, I repeat NOT hook up with an evil spirit. Okay? No evil spirits are involved here. It's just you who isn't ready yet. So, back off.

Or, hang on if you think you can take it. I think one of the reasons a person might hear swear words when they are just beginning to channel is because of the way the listening happens. It ends up that you are "hearing" your guide's voice in your head. This runs right alongside, parallel with your thoughts. And, that's where it can get confusing and why I say if you're under a doctor's care for a psychiatric issue you don't want to be doing this. In the beginning it can be like you are the one who is having these different thoughts and not be able to recognize it as another's voice. So, maybe they do the cursing and inappropriate remark business in the beginning to really point out, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is not you who is thinking these thoughts.

Actually, I do remember in the beginning I would ask Seth, "Did you say that or did I think that?" Like I said, it was weird for a little bit, sort of like that old routine Abbott and Costello did, "Who's on First?". I came up with my own solution and have actually held onto a variation of this habit through the years. It's not something that I've told too many people about, but it was very helpful and continues to be for me. And, it's time now to tell folks about it. It's like the training wheels I used between channeling on the board and channeling telepathically. You know how there is a, "Yes" and a "No" on the board and how they are separated and situated on opposite corners? One thought led to another in my head and I figured that however the mechanics were involved in my guide moving the planchette which, by the way, was being held by my hand, would extend past the planchette to my hand. It's why I use my finger now as a planchette; less equipment to fool with. Anyway, if my finger could be the planchette why couldn't Seth move one of my fingers? Hell, if they can move mountains…what's the difference in moving one of my fingers?

So, that's my system. Anytime, on either hand, that my index finger moves in direct response to a question I ask of Spirit - that means, "Yes". And, anytime my pinkie finger moves that means, "No". I do like to have my hand resting on something; generally I'll just place my hand unobtrusively on the arm of a chair, or my thigh or on my upper chest like I'm checking the neckline of my tee shirt. I have never heard of anybody else using this system, but it works for me. It is especially useful when I am in a really noisy situation where there might even be other people talking to me and expecting responses from me. And, if I've got a question the Guides can just give me a quick yes or no answer without them having to go into some long-winded explanation where I need to stand still looking goofy while I do the Oracle thing as I listen to all that they've got to say. You'll learn that it's difficult sometimes to listen to what the guides are saying while folks are talking to you. The finger answers were my own solution. Maybe they might work for you. Also, not kidding, your toes work too. But, limited in their action especially if you're wearing shoes. Ha.

Just remember you're doing something not too many people do and not very many people understand. But, one thing is a for sure certain thing and that is you are responsible for your actions. So, don't go blaming it on the board. Right? My mother always said, "Are you going to jump off of a building just because your friends are doing it?" I know your mother said it too. Right, that kind of thing. Some spirit tells you to go rob a bank. Don't do it. Use your common sense. Well, you could ask who you were talking to, I suppose. Yeah, John Dillinger…got it. Ha. See what I mean? Don't take it seriously and remember that what you are doing is paving the way for Spirit to be a larger part of your life. You're exercising muscles you haven't used very often; your psychic muscles.

Something I did for a long time before I made contact with Spirit on the Ouija Board was that I listened to subliminal tapes. These were from the Zygon company, at though I think there are a lot of people out there these days who have tapes and CD's like that. I've got a set of meditation CD's from Jeffrey Thompson called the Brainwave Suite. Terrific stuff. I really feel that listening as I did as much as I did and still do (not while driving a car) was helpful in getting me ready.

Other things I did in the years prior to making contact? I read a lot about other people who channeled. I read a few of the Seth books. I read the Messages from Michael books. I read half of, "A Course in Miracles". Terrific book. I did a lot of journaling which, I feel, was helpful. Did these things really help me? I think they might have. At the time I wasn't doing them with the goal of being able to use a Ouija Board, but in retrospect, I think they might have helped me.

We are all different. I've taught people to channel who go right past using the Ouija Board to verbal channeling. They just can't use the board. I couldn't channel verbally for a solid year after I began channeling. I would use the board and I could talk in my head to Seth. I would do automatic writing that progressed from pen and paper to the computer keyboard. But, verbal channeling? No. Seth used to say to me, "Now, repeat after me…." And, I could do that, but I just couldn't relax enough to allow him to talk using my voice.

So, I started teaching people to channel. And, two people sat outside on my patio and took all of 15 minutes to begin channeling verbally one afternoon. That was all I needed. And, I began channeling verbally too that day. Go figure. My Grandmother Nieman, who I just adored, was the one who came through that day to talk. It was just amazing.

Directions for folks to channel verbally? I'll do that another weekend. But, it's actually not all that difficult. It's sort of like falling backwards into the waiting arms of people who are ready to catch you. But, you've got to surrender first. And, that can be a tough one for some people to do.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this information with you. Use it wisely, please.

I have to tell you that I had no idea that Seth was going to be my guide. I did "see" him a few days prior to when we made contact with the Ouija Board, but I didn't know it was him at that time. I was using "Opening to Channel" and trying to do the exercises without a whole lot of success. But, I was trying. And, there was one exercise I did to meet your guide. I saw Seth for a few seconds. He turned from the garden he was tending and smiled the most glorious smile you'd ever hope to see. Bald as a cue ball, but what a terrific smile. And, he reached toward me to shake my hand. I couldn't hold my focus after that, I was just too startled. A few days later the planchette finally moved on my Ouija Board.

I personally feel the one most important requirement to learn to use this Picture Board and channel with your guide is a desire to do so. It could take you years, like it did for me, or you might be ready right away. I consider everyone to be psychic. Anybody can get the Board to work with two or more people. Then, you've got to promise everybody in the group that you're not the one who is moving the planchette, but even if everybody says they're not moving it there's always that last little doubt in your mind that it's really happening. Working the board by yourself you know for sure. It's harder to do, but it's worth it.

It's been terrific. At the time of this writing I will have been channeling for almost 12 years. It's been wonderful. The guides, not just Seth anymore…there are lots of folks who come to talk so I call them collectively, The Guides because I still can't tell one from the other and it got embarrassing to be saying, "Who am I talking to now?" all the time. Anyway, The Guides have helped me to get what I think is a better grip on my faith. God is personal to me now. Maybe it can be that way for you too.

And, one final note from the Guides.

Our blessings and we would hesitate to add anything more to these instructions. It will happen that your guide will take you in hand to address the particular issues that will arise with your particular set of circumstances. But, as an introduction to channeling via use of a board, these are good. Using the pictures as a way to communicate will allow you to realign the circuitry in your nervous system that much more effectively. Again, our blessings and we look forward to speaking with you.

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Talking To Spirit - Picture Board

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