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Experience A Deeper Communication
With Your Pets

Psychic Information Channeled by Spirit Guides - Page 2

An animal will help to keep you connected when, in the face of all other evidence, you really don't want to have a thing to do with the human race. Even a pet, who traditionally will not have the level of interaction that a dog or cat has, can help to keep you on an even keel. If you spend the time you can create a level of interest with other species of animals too. Even wild ones will eventually become accustomed to your presence and come to expect that you will provide for them. The squirrels in your backyard are no dummies and know you're good for some peanuts when you walk out the back door.

Would you like to communicate with your animals on a deeper level? Their thoughts are simple, for the most part, so wanting to discuss the latest political news is not appropriate. But, would you like to look into their mind and heart to see what they really think of you? There are people who do this on a regular basis. Veterinarians are very much "in tune" with their animals and their patients.

An animal who has as their only companion, you, will relate to you in a more complete and deeper fashion than one who has other animals to be with, even crossing species. A dog and cat in your household will be buddies. However, if you were to spend the time and attention with any one of your animals they will respond with a like interest, though many times it is on their terms.

At the least, you already know how to communicate with your pets. But, we suggest if you were to take the trouble to try to make a connection with them on a deeper level they will respond in a positive manner. How to do this, though, will involve you trying to almost learn a new language. This would be the language of heart and soul. It will involve meditating and quiet time on your part. You cannot expect your pet to sit still in front of you as you try to form the arf or meow that will reach their understanding. What you can do, though, is to meditate with the idea that you would make the animal soul connection. Your pet need not even be in the same room with you.

What you will be doing, though, in trying to learn Animal Speak is very much what a person does who channels and who acts as a medium. The first step is always the desire for connection to be made. Also, it is helpful if you hold aside your judgment and not say after a few attempts, "This is dumb. It is not working." Progress into this arena of Animal Speak will be slow, but it will be positive. How you will know in your heart that you are making progress is that there will come a time when your animals will begin to spend more time with you. They will be inexplicably drawn to you where before they were content to either amuse themselves or to nap alone.

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