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Talking To Spirit  
Lady Skye Fyre's Channeled Psychic Readings

When Loved Ones Visit in Dreams

One Last Time to Say, "I Love You"

One of the easiest places for a person who has passed on to visit with you is in your dreams. It's like a natural. There are two key things to having this wonderful thing happen for you.

One is that you just be aware that it is possible.

The other thing is that you not be afraid.

When a person passes on they are no longer in pain. They do not care about your circumstances, but they still love you. And, if they didn't love you before they love you now. The issues we have with people in our lives who have passed on become one-sided. All of those issues are now on your side. The Person in Spirit doesn't care that they had a life-long feud with you. The Person in Spirit doesn't care that you betrayed them. The Person in Spirit loves you like nobody you've ever had love you before in your life.

The Person in Spirit might have had a wasting away disease. They may have lost the use of their body. Their hair might have all fallen out prior to their passing. They might have looked like crap. But, now? In Spirit they are whole and healthy. They might even appear to be younger than they were when they passed on.

They are not moldering in grave dust and dripping with ghoulish zombie like stuff. So, you can file that little factoid away in your brain and not be afraid of what they are actually going to look like if and when they visit you in your dreams.

Another thing that happens is that Spirit does not want. They don't want you to finish going to school. They don't want you to learn to drive a car. They don't want you to have more children. They don't want you to miss them. They don't want you to go pull up the floorboards to discover the $1,000,000 they squirreled away there 20 years ago. So, generally, you're not going to be getting messages like that in your dreams from them.

They're just going to stop by to say hi. You'll awaken in the morning knowing that you dreamed about your Uncle Ralph who's been gone 8 years. He was there to sit beside you on a park bench. That's all. It wasn't a momentous visit. He just sat beside you. And, in the morning you'll know that he visited with you.

Now, the whole thing gets a whole lot better if you are lucid in your dream. That's what happened to me the first time my mother came to visit with me.

She'd been dead for awhile. I can't remember how long. But, I was still raw with the grieving of her. Interestingly, my Uncle Beau who'd been dead a whole lot longer eased the way for me to meet with her. I hadn't ever dreamed of him that I can remember, but he was in the dream showing me some of the wonderful pictures of flower arrangements he'd done. They were all behind these really big glass showcases on the wall. He and I stood side by side and I admired his work. Then, he pinched my butt. I think that was to get me lucid. Anyway, I jerked away and said, "What did you do that for?" He didn't say anything and we walked into the next room. He disappeared as people do in dreams and I was in a room that held an indoor swimming pool.

It was very dark in the room and the pool went right up almost to the walls. There was a very narrow walkway going around the three sides of the pool with a larger area right where I was standing. I "knew" that the pool was shallow at the end I was standing at and very deep at the other end. From the deep end of the pool, slowly with the water swooshing off of it, a marble bust of my mother rose out of the water. It was a life size bust of her and it began to move forward, toward me. It was like watching a dolphin dancing on its' fins walking on the water. I stepped into the water moving toward this bust of my mother and as we came together it turned into her.

To this day, remembering this dream, I tear up. It was that moving for me. She and I embraced and I knew her as I had known her when she was alive. I cried and she held me and it is how I know that people who have passed on can visit us in our dreams. I awakened from that dream in tears.

It was the first time I'd dreamed of my mother after she had died. It was also the first of many visits. I'm not generally lucid in my dreams. I don't always have that particular clarity and control available in a lucid dream, but I can count on my mother being in my dreams a lot. She will play one of the supporting characters. It's like I have movies in my head at night and she will sometimes be there. I know in the morning and thank her for the visit knowing that once again my mother came to visit me.

The process of having a visit from Someone in Spirit is very much the same as leaning how to channel. You've got to want to do it and then you have to stop with the yearning. So, wanting and wanting and wanting to dream of your daughter who is dead, or your husband who has passed on is going to put a stick in the spoke of your progress. Wanting deeply and then surrendering completely the want is what will finally make it happen.

Sometimes just knowing that it can happen is all that it will take.

We've got more information about Lucid Dreaming at Talking to Spirit.

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